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  Number 474 | Enero 2021



Alea iacta est?
President Biden has yet to announce a position on Nicaragua, but his mere election is causing a flurry on our political stage. The Ortega regime’s own electoral strategy is, quite simply, to impose its conviction that “alea iacta est”—the die is cast: Ortega is invincible and will run the country another five years. Meanwhile, time is running out for the political opposition. With unity still eluding it, has its die already been cast as well? If it can offer a united political platform and one appealing candidate, it could attract the blue and white voter majority massively to the polls, giving the lie to such fatalistic Latin predictions and altering our future. Do conditions exist for this? Some offer a bit more hope than in late 2020. ... continuar...


Nicaragura briefs
PANDEMIC—NEW OUTBREAK As predicted, Nicaragua has experienced a new COVID-19 outbreak since December due to end-of-year festivities and the thousands of mass gatherings the government promoted... continuar...


After the hurricanes, someone has to speak for the Caribbean Coast
This award-winning Miskitu human rights activist and lawyer describes the suffering of Nicaragua’s indigenous communities in the humanitarian crisis created by Hurricanes Eta and Iota, which devastated the North Caribbean Coast in early November. She explains how this tragedy has only added to the ongoing crises they are battling from invasions by armed mestizo settlers, COVID and centuries-long governmental neglect. ... continuar...


Hola, President Biden. Latin America Has a Message for You.
“A scene from a banana republic” is how former President George Bush described the violent attack on the Capitol in Washington on January 6. Authoritarian caudillos who promote a demagogic nationalist populism have been a constant in Latin American history. Focusing on the cases of Brazil and Mexico, this article’s author tells Joe Biden what his priority should be in Latin America. The particular case of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, though not mentioned, is implicit in the message. .... continuar...

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