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  Number 346 | Mayo 2010



Broad Brushstrokes and Fine Touches
President Ortega’s words on April 14: “I can assure you, brother Nicaraguans, that God is giving Nicaragua its historic chance. God brought President Chávez to Venezuela’s presidency. And through the people, He also brought us to government.” President Ortega’s words on April 30: “I thank you, brother Nicaraguans, for the wisdom God gave you, which enlightened you so the FSLN could come govern this country to benefit the poor.” Religious-messianic touches for the reelection campaign, which also contains sweeping brushstrokes and some fine swipes in varying colors.... continuar...


MANAGUA COULD DISAPPEAR In an event held in Managua on April 13, Argentine geologist José Viramonte was awarded honorary membership by Nicaragua’s Academy of Geography and History for his specialization... continuar...


They Sow Promises, We Harvest Disillusion
Information and thoughts from an experienced rural organizer about the problems rural producers are facing at the approach of this year’s first agricultural cycle and about the larger ecological crisis we’re facing as human beings.... continuar...


Cargill: In the Belly of the Beast
For the past ten years an agribusiness monster has been operating in Nicaragua. Its head is invisible. Its tentacles destroy the rights of workers who sweat in its factories. Name: Cargill. Age: 145. Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ernesto, a Nicaraguan, got to know it from the inside.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Right to Memory
El Salvador’s Museum of the Word and Image is a pioneer in the struggle for the right to memory, which is also the struggle for the right to know the truth and to demand justice and compensation for the victims, which is actually the right to dignity and identity. The Museum has been one of the initiatives opening new ways to overcome oblivion and forgetfulness after the country’s long domestic war .... continuar...


I’m Here Because I Went to the USA
This testimony is by a Honduran migrant whose life changed abruptly when he suffered amputations after falling from a train he had dreamed would take him to the United States. It shows the real face of irregular migration, which often ends in tragedy, and demonstrates that going to the USA is not always the best solution.... continuar...


Portrait of Pentecostal Evangelicals
There’s talk of a “Pentecostal revolution” in the marginal barrios all over Central America. Are these organizations OF the poor also FOR them? They rescue morally, but do they promote participation, organization and better family economies? Why such rapid expansion? What needs do they respond to? A researcher who decided to enter one of the sectors of this wide world offers us fascinating clues to understand some of the expressions of this religious movement.... continuar...

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