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  Number 184 | Noviembre 1996



Nicaragua's Elections: The Die Is Cast
Any political X-ray will show that the Liberal Alliance and the FSLN are economic, political and social blocs with evident contradictions. Will the contradictions be manageable when either the Liberals or the Sandinistas are governing?... continuar...


Mariano Fiallos: I Accepted Because It's a Crucial Election
In August, the FSLN nominated an exceptional man as Nicaragua's next foreign minister, if its presidential candidate Daniel Ortega wins. That man is Mariano Fiallos, 12 year president of the Supreme Electoral Council until his resignation in February 1996. With the elections almost upon us, Fiallos shared the following reflections with envĂ­o. ... continuar...


Relations with the United States: A Two-Way Street
What will be the policy of the new U.S. government towards the new Nicaraguan government? We can learn a lot from the past. Rethinking relations with the hegemonic power should be accompanied by a recalling of history.... continuar...


CAMPAIGN TIDBITS * The polling firm Borge & Associates analyzed the technical tie between the presidential candidates of the Liberal Alliance and the FSLN based on a number of elements. According... continuar...


Twenty Issues For a Green Agenda
A Cuban fable of african origin tells that one day, a tocoloro bird began to think about going in search of the end of the world. The first thing he did was go to the top of a hill and look, but his... continuar...

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