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  Number 8 | Enero 1982



Declaration By The Instituto Historico Centroamericano

Text of the comuniqué of the Central American Historical Institute, which edits the magazine envío, about the latest violent acts provoked by armed bands in Nicaragua.

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In the presence of the recent murders, disappearances and tortures that our soldiers on the northern border have suffered, as well as the murderous atrocities committed against our campesinos in those zones where armed counter-revolutionary bands have operated, the Instituto Histórico Centroamericano issues the following declaration:

1. It labels those who are raping, torturing and killing our campesinos and soldiers as true murderers and not “armed bands in opposition to the Government.”

2. It denounces those who, from outside the country, are the material and ideological support of these murderers.

3. It also denounces those inside the country who twist public opinion and surreptitiously defend these groups of murderers. This is done to defend their own interests, which they see threatened by a revolution whose purpose is the good of the majority.

4. It shares the great suffering of the wives, mothers, and children of those who have been killed for wanting a Nicaragua for all Nicaraguans, free of oppression and exploitation.

5. It pays homage to those brothers and sisters, compañeros, who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom.

6. It makes special mention of our fallen Cuban brothers, whose blood, mixed with that of the Nicaraguans, has ennobled our land.

7. It encourages all true Nicaraguans to be vigilant before whatever aggression imperialism tries to carry out to destroy our revolutionary process. This has cost us so much and is the only way for our people to live in liberty and dignity.

The Instituto Histórico Centroamericano makes these declarations with an attitude of profound faith in Christ, whom we are celebrating in these days as “Prince of Peace.” As Christians, we are committed to and are part of a people the majority of whom are believers. With them we express our right to live in the peace won through so many years of struggle; we insist on the need to live in peace in order to reconstruct this country; we publicly express before the entire world our longing to live in peace. In this way, we feel we are putting God’s plan for us into practice.

Alvaro Argüello H., S.J. Director
Napoleón Alvarado L., S.J. Asst. Director

Managua, December 31, 1981.

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Declaration By The Instituto Historico Centroamericano
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