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  Number 80 | Febrero 1988


Central America

Joint Declaration By The Presidents Of Central America

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The Presidents have received the conclusions of the report by the International Verification and Follow-up Commission, prepared according to Number 11 of the Esquipulas II document, and some of them have indicated their reservations.

The Presidents acknowledge the effort made and the tremendous job done by the Commission. They thank it for its dedication and effort to contribute to the implementation of the Esquipulas II Accords.

The Presidents consign to the Executive Commission the tasks of examining the general report upon receipt of same, and making the pertinent recommendations.

The Presidents ratify the historic value and importance of the Esquipulas II Accord. They recognize its spirit and its concepts today, and reiterate that these are vital for the attainment of democracy and peace in the region.

Since the obligations assumed in Esquipulas II have not yet been totally met, the Presidents undertake to meet unconditional and unilateral obligations that oblige the governments to total and inexcusable compliance. These include a dialogue, talks to arrange a cease-fire, a general amnesty, and above all, democratization, which necessarily includes the lifting of any state of emergency, complete freedom of the press, political pluralism and putting an end to special tribunals. The stated commitments that have not been fulfilled by the governments shall be complied with immediately and in a public and visible way.

The implementation of the Esquipulas II Accords includes compulsory specific verification to see that the governments are complying with their commitments. This refers particularly to the cessation of aid to irregular groups, non-use of territory to support such groups and true freedom in elections, which shall be verified by the National Reconciliation Commission. Special importance shall be given to the elections for the Central American Parliament. Each of these is "an indispensable condition for the attainment of a stable and lasting peace in the region."

The Executive Commission, composed of the foreign affairs ministers of the Central American States, shall have the principal function of verification, inspection and follow-up on all of the commitments contained in the Guatemala Procedure and this declaration. To this end, it shall seek cooperation from states within and outside the region, or organizations known for their impartiality and technical capacity, which have expressed their desire to cooperate in the Central American peace accords.

Likewise, the implementation of Esquipulas II implies continuation of negotiations for regulating arms levels and reaching agreements on security and disarmament in accordance with an already agreed upon method.

We express our gratitude to the international community for the political and financial support it has pledged in order to promote regional projects. These are aimed at economic and social development in Central America, as an objective directly linked to the task of attaining, preserving and consolidating peace. Because the original causes of this conflict are economic and social, and it is not possible to reach peace without development.

Aware of their historic responsibility to their peoples, the Presidents reassert their will to comply in the manner stated above, which they view as irrevocable and unalterable. They pledge to comply with the commitments immediately and without reticence or evasion. They are aware that it will be their peoples and the international community who shall judge their compliance with the obligations undertaken in good faith.

As we sign this document, we thank the people of Costa Rica and their President, Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez, for the hospitality they offered, which provided the appropriate framework for this meeting.

President, Republic of Costa Rica

President, Republic of El Salvador

President, Republic of Guatemala

President, Republic of Honduras

President, Republic of Nicaragua

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Joint Declaration By The Presidents Of Central America
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