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  Number 429 | Abril 2017



To participate or not to participate: Is that the question?
The Ortega-Murillo government is still under pressure, trying to buy time as it waits for clearer signals from Washington. Meanwhile, the opposition eliminated from last November’s elections, which then actively urged voters to abstain from casting a ballot to avoid legitimating the “farce” those elections represented, has now split in two over whether or not to run in November’s municipal elections. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
>THE WATER SITUATION WILL BECOME CRITICAL On World Water Day, March 22, with the wells in numerous rural areas of Nicaragua already dry, experts warned that the country will face a crisis in the... continuar...


What can we expect fromthe agreements with the OAS?
Reflections on the limited core contents of the agreements between the Nicaraguan government and the Organization of American States’ secretary general, and on the corrupted municipal elections scheduled for November. ... continuar...


Stripped of its own nature, the Police is a satellite of the regime
Ten years ago envío published an article titled “Do We Have the Police We Deserve?” The answer is now irrefutable: No, we don’t. The crisis in the National Police today is systemic because its system is immersed in a larger system imposed on Nicaragua by the Ortega-Murillo consortium. ... continuar...

El Salvador

Supreme Electoral Tribunal under siege
After a century of shameless electoral frauds, El Salvador acquired an electoral authority 25 years ago that began to prepare to resolve the dispute over political power. Today, however, that Supreme Electoral Tribunal is under siege. The latest instrument used to corrupt its nature is the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Bench. ... continuar...


The ghost of Maya justice is haunting the country
The ghost of Maya justice is haunting the country... continuar...

América Latina

The extractivism of “leftist” governments: Alternative development model or trap?
“Commodities consensus” was the ideological underpinning of all of South America’s recent progressive governments. All massively extracted and exported their country’s natural resources, taking advantage of the raw materials “boom” triggered above all by China’s demand with its emergence into the world economy. All argued that extractivism was the way to fight poverty. What has this voracity left on the balance sheet as the era of leftist governments draws to an end? ... continuar...

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