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  Number 415 | Febrero 2016



A preliminary sketch of this year’s electoral scenario
The official propaganda is trying to sell the certainty that Daniel Ortega will be reelected for the fourth time in November. While there’s much to support that idea, it has its weak points. With many hands still to be dealt on the electoral game table, all we have so far is a rough sketch of how the year might play out. ... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
NICARAGUA-COSTA RICA DISPUTES RESOLVED BY WORLD COURT On December 15, the International Court of Justice at The Hague issued its ruling on three disputes between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.... continuar...


The Paris climate agreement is patently insufficient
The author, an environmental engineer, attended the Paris climate summit (COP21) in December 2015. Here he analyzes the basic aspects of the “Agreement” (legally binding) and the “Decision” (with points still to be worked on) that came out of that global meeting and describes the tortuous process that gave birth to the disappointing results ... continuar...


The United States takes the helm in the Honduran crisis
Never has Washington so openly intervened in Honduran politics. Its moves last year in the corruption cases of the Los Cachiros cartel, the Rosenthal family businesses and former President Rafael Callejas showed the Honduran government’s subordination to US security policies. Only a power like that of the North could touch all those “untouchables,” converting them from respected to repudiated virtually overnight. This year the US government will surely remain at the helm of this barely governable country. ... continuar...


It’s going to be a long struggle
The struggle, efforts and commitments to change things in Mexico —its abysmal inequality and ceaseless violence— will take a long time, but the route is open. Today it’s being traveled by original peoples in resistance ... continuar...


Migrants: Disobedient in the market and citizens in consumption
Both documented and undocumented migrants create a demand that only their labor satisfies. They constitute both the demand and the supply, mutually strengthening and legitimizing each other. Their acquisitive power opens spaces to them in the market and makes them consumers of considerable quantities of goods. They are thus an economic and also a political citizenry. They may not vote at the ballot box, or are unable to, but they do cast a vote with their wallets. ... continuar...


The Franciscan Left and ethical socialism
At the most unexpected time and from the most unexpected place, Pope Francis has taken up the environmentalist banner, denouncing the economy of today’s capitalist model which is destroying Earth and deepening inequality. His Encyclical “Laudato Sí” calls for the construction of an ethical socialism. ... continuar...

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