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  Number 364 | Noviembre 2011



Elections 2011: Nicaragua lost again
We regret having to repeat, three years later, our assessment following the fraud in the 2008 elections, and for the same reasons, albeit more marked this time: Nicaragua lost. Its institutions have all lost more credibility. And far worse, elections have lost their credibility as a means to resolving political differences. We all lost. Our society, already rent by enormous social inequities, has been split and polarized even more. It’s a dangerous step backwards.... continuar...


FSLN wins by hook and by crook
There were all kinds of voting centers in these fraudulent elections: terrorist ones, pregnant ones, necrophilic ones, stingy ones, inky ones… By a thousand and one ballot box tricks we get another term of “Orteguismo.” But various dangers are already stalking this new power project.... continuar...


Disquieting forecasts in the run-up to November 6
The director of the Ethics and Transparency Civic Group, one of three national electoral observation organizations, explains his view of the role of observer organizations, detailing the categories observers look at, and with ten days to go till election day predicts the outcome of this process. It is a valuable, eye-opening companion piece to E&T’s final evaluation, also included in this edition.... continuar...


Ethics and Transparency: The published results don’t merit credibility
Denied official entry to pollling places in two previous elections, E&T staff, traditional volunteer observers and some 78,000 observant Nicaraguan voters defied the governing party’s effort to pull off an unprecedented fraud unseen. This report dittoes the EU findings and adds elucidting details of its own.... continuar...


European Union: A lack of neutrality and transparency
The following is the preliminary report of the EU Electoral Observation Mission, presented in Managua on November 8, and its Declaration on the Vote Totaling Process and Publication of Results,* released on November 17. Its final report will be presented in January or February 2012.... continuar...


Radio Progreso’s present for defending freedom of expresión
This year, when Nicaragua’s envío is celebrating its 30th anniversary and Honduras’ Radio Progreso is celebrating its 55th, Karla Rivas, Radio Progresso’s news director, has received the Peter Mackler Prize for her commitment and courage in the defense of freedom of expression in difficult social and political circumstances. We share the radio team’s deep joy at this recognition. Looking back on Honduras’ coup and Nicaragua’s fraudulent elections, we join our colleagues in reflecting on the difficult task of being free to express our experience..... continuar...


Fear is an instrument of opression
Throughout history, totalitarian regimes have maintained control by imposing a strategy based on fear. Those who oppose the established order are called a “danger” to the nation by those in power. Creating fear and keeping people in ignorance are two infallible ways to stay in power.... continuar...

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