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  Number 298 | Mayo 2006



Is Nicaragua’s Electoral Race Between Trivelli and Chávez?
The deadline for registering parties and alliances was midnight, May 11. That’s when we learned US Ambassador Trivelli’s pressures had failed: despite everything, the anti-Sandinista forces are running divided between PLC Liberals and ALN neoliberals, each with their allies. But the Sandinista forces are also running divided, between Daniel Ortega, supported by Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, and Herty Lewites, hope of the Left and independents.... continuar...


THE CENI BONDS: A MAMMOTH FRAUD? In early April, the Comptroller General’s Office (CGR) opened an investigation into the domestic debt dragging down Nicaragua’s economy, whose principal alone... continuar...


“We’re Independent Leftists”
At the end of April, presidential candidate Herty Lewites met for over two hours with a huge gathering of envío readers. While his MRS Alliance will release a full government program on May 21, he answered over thirty questions, a selection of which we offer here.... continuar...


Do We Have the Police We Deserve?
The murder of “underworld king” Jerónimo Polanco has revealed a whole load of murky and hidden affairs that leave Nicaragua’s National Police highly compromised. It must resolve this crime satisfactorily if it is to clean up its image. But even that may not be enough.... continuar...


A Challenge to Leftist Parties: Return to Marxism but Look Beyond It
Marxism inspired the FSLN’s Sandinismo and it still lives in the thinking of all serious people who refused to jettison it when it went out of vogue. In Nicaragua the crisis of Marxism produced only silence while elsewhere in the world it has spawned tons of writings… In this fifth in a series of articles on Nicaragua’s political parties, Andrés Pérez Baltodano argues that Marxism’s evolution and crisis offer Nicaragua and the rest of Central America an opportunity to shed our ideological baggage without disparaging the formidable contributions offered by the Marxist tradition.... continuar...

Costa Rica

The Country Oscar “the Eagle” Arias Will Be Flying Over
Oscar Arias takes office on May 8 for the second time, now with a fragile electoral mandate, a fragmented parliament, an organized opposition and a combative social movement— all serious handicaps to fulfilling his agenda, particularly approval of CAFTA. How will he pull it off?... continuar...


The “Other Campaign” Is Forging a Path for New Ideas
In July, Mexico will chose from two rightwing options—the PAN (more of today) and the PRI (more of yesterday)—and an electoral Left option led by the PRD’s López Obrador. Meanwhile, the “other” Left is seeking and debating its “other” theory in its “other” campaign.... continuar...

América Latina

What Culture Are We Legitimizing In Our Classrooms?
This third of four articles focuses on the need to create a curriculum based on our own Latin American culture. Our children know European fairy tales better than Latin American legends. They know more about the camels of the Sahara than the llamas of the Andes. And they have learned that blonde Barbie is the most beautiful female biotype. For decades we’ve transmitted both explicit and hidden messages to pupils that others are more important, better and worth more than we are.... continuar...

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