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  Number 214 | Mayo 1999



Is the Cycle of Violence Interminable?
A search for solutions and crude manipulation. Sectors itching for a fight and pointless anarchy. Social conflicts and social decomposition. Economic problems that encounter no solution along neoliberalism's "right road." Non-negotiable presidential authoritarianism and the weaknesses of a society held hostage by its two caudillos. All this and more were present in the overlapping student and transport workers' protests last month, which once again paralyzed the country.... continuar...


envío POLL RILES PRESIDENT The reaction of Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Alemán to the IDESO-envío survey on corruption that appeared in last month's edition of envío—the third we have... continuar...


Youth Gangs: Armed Rebels Without A Cause
ording to the latest figures, approximately a thousand youth are organized into some ninety gangs throughout the country, sixty of them in Managua. They are armed, disillusioned, and their numbers are growing. This obliges us to reflect on the phenomenon, since Managua's forty most active gangs were major participants in the social-political conflicts that paralyzed the capital last month.... continuar...


A Year after Gerardi: Memory and Disillusion
It was not a mistake to sign the peace accords. The mistake lies in the government's incoherent policies and the economic inequalities created by bankers and businesspeople with the government's blessing. And it lies in failing to confront the real powers that still decide things in Guatemala and their impunity. Without that, the murder of Monsignor Juan Gerardi cannot be explained.... continuar...


Questioning the Unions And Monitoring Corruption
Hurricane Mitch has generated a general critical awareness of the unions and has encouraged the emergence of new organizations representing the victims. And perhaps Mitch has also helped Honduras start to feel the positive influence of globalization in the fight against corruption and for human rights.... continuar...


The Student Struggle Bursts onto the Stage
The university students’ fight began with the rejection of quotas and soon included almost everything else: no to the privatization of education, yes to fiscal reform, no to PRI authoritarianism and no to neoliberal exclusion... “”We’re closing the university today so that it will belong to everyone tomorrow,” proclaimed the rebellious, irreverent and ingenious young protesters.... continuar...


USA-NATO vs. Yugoslavia: The Empire’s Impunity
Using offensive forces to intervene in civil wars has been a favorite tool of Washington in Latin America for decades. The use of mercenary fighters was the registered trademark of the Reagan administration's support for the Nicaraguan contras , the Afghanistan mujhadin , the Remino forces in Mozambique and UNITA in Angola. The Clinton equivalent today is Kosovo. The trigger was pulled in Washington. The war is in Europe. The consequences are worldwide.... continuar...

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