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  Number 99 | Octubre 1989



Navigating the Electoral Map
The election of presidential and vice presidential candidates for the opposition parties—as much those in the center as on the far left and right—has left a very confusing map for the February 1990 elections.... continuar...


Setting Up to Vote
August 25 marked the official opening day of the Nicaraguan electoral campaign. The opposition parties began their 30 minutes per day of television space on Channel 2; the United Nations Elections Verification... continuar...


Ushering in Autonomy
As the rest of Nicaragua blinks in the glare of the international spotlights so shamelessly searching for flaws in its electoral process, the Atlantic Coast is preparing, almost unnoticed, for an event... continuar...


LEARNING NEVER STOPS August 23 marked the ninth anniversary of the completion of Nicaragua's Literacy Crusade. The 1980 campaign taught 400,000 people to read and write, lowering illiteracy... continuar...


Two Voices from the Private Sector
Interviews with Gilberto Cuadra and Gladys Bolt At the beginning of 1989, the Nicaraguan government launched both a new phase of the economic adjustment plan, an economic concertation, and... continuar...

El Salvador

El Salvador: Transition to ARENA
As mid-September approached, Mexico City was making last-minute preparations to host the first talks between delegates of El Salvador's recently elected government and leaders of that country's armed... continuar...

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