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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 82 | Abril 1988



SapoĆ”: Will Peace Last?
Through a complex, speeded-up process initiated by the signing of the Central American peace accords in August 1987, possibilities have opened up for an end to the counterrevolutionary war and even for... continuar...


Economic Reform: Taking It to the Streets
Ten years after the anti-Somocista insurrections of 1978, Nicaragua has begun what could become an economic insurrection with a truly grassroots quality. Economic readjustments are normally made by... continuar...


Nora Astorga In Her Own Words
Nora Astorga died in Managua on February 14, a victim of cancer. Of middle-class extraction, a Somocista Liberal Party family and Christian upbringing, Nora had been a Sandinista since 1969. Her final... continuar...

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