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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 7 | Diciembre 1981



Dear Friends
In this Christmas season, we hold a special feeling for all of you who have shared in Nicaragua’s struggle. Your continuing concern for the peoples of Central America gives reason for hope, despite... continuar...


The Purísima in Nicaragua
The Purisima is a feast of the Virgin Mary that is celebrated between November 28th and December 8th. The culmination is on December 7th, with the Griteria (shouting). It is the most popular feast of the year for the majority of Nicaraguans.... continuar...


Continuing Tensions Between Nicaragua And The United States
The threats from the U.S. government against Nicaragua and Cuba increased in intensity and passion. The Reagan administration spoke of a naval blockade and of direct military intervention.... continuar...


Political Parties In Nicaragua Today In Relation To Proposed Legislation
The objective of National Unity was once again ratified by the Government, this time with the proposal to institutionalize the political parties.... continuar...


Letter to the Pope for Peace in Central America
Three hundred priests and religious who work in Nicaragua wrote to Pope John Paul II asking him to seek to avoid a generalized war in Central America, after Ronald Reagan’s becoming president in the United States.... continuar...

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