Envío Digital
Central American University - UCA  
  Number 54 | Diciembre 1985



Contadora’s Last Stumbling Block: The US Role
As was predicted in various “Chronicles of a Crisis Foretold,” the final draft of the Contadora peace treaty was not signed on November 20, as scheduled. Instead, Contadora has ventured down a narrow... continuar...


US “War Games” in Central America: What’s Behind the Strategy?
With as little advance publicity as possible, the United States has been carrying out a complex series of military maneuvers in Central America since 1981. The most frequent locale for these land, sea... continuar...


Nicaragua Says No to Treaty Changes
A brief but revealing drama was played out for the United Nations General Assembly by the Contadora and Central American countries in late November, with backstage direction handled by US Ambassador... continuar...

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