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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 5 | Octubre 1981



Dear Friends
Greetings from Nicaragua! Many thanks to those of you who have sent us news of the work you are doing on Central American issues, and copies of your bulletins, newsletters and publications. Certainly... continuar...


Some Aspects Of Nicaragua’s Economy
Our annual economic program is part of an overall strategy which was first set up in the economic plan of 1980. This overall strategy defines three principal goals of the economy.... continuar...


Additional Comments By Xavier Gorostiaga
The above talk by Xabier Gorostiaga was given before the recently announced State of Emergency. In light of this State of Emergency, Fr. Gorostiaga agreed to make some additional comments which would cover some aspects of this emergency situation. The following is taken from those remarks.... continuar...


Religious News In Nicaragua
The term “popular church” has been used extensively and has been discussed in other parts of Latin America, notably in El Salvador and Guatemala. The term had not been used here until recently.... continuar...


National State of Emergency
Nicaragua has decreed a national state of emergency. There follows the official text and a reflection on the reason for this extraordinary measure. ... continuar...

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