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  Number 477 | Abril 2021



Hopefully waiting to find a way out
The regime beefed up its repressive apparatus for the third anniversary of the April 2018 rebellion. And despite the international community urging that it ensure conditions for credible elections in November, Ortega instead announced electoral reforms that only pave the way for a complete farce. For its part, the blue and white opposition commemorated April with acts of resistance and took the first steps toward forging an essential united electoral alliance. Might it reach firm consensus by May? ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
NATIONAL PANDEMIC ALERT “The health crisis the coronavirus pandemic caused in Costa Rica should have led the Nicaraguan government to declare a national alert,” commented epidemiologist Leonel... continuar...


“We can beat Ortega if we vote en masse and united”
This expert in electoral matters shares his assessment of the Ortega regime’s electoral reform project, the conditions in which the elections will be held and the blue and white opposition’s chances if they can go to elections united and determined. ... continuar...


Given the government’s lack of political will…
In this April 19 declaration, ten potential presidential candidates reject the reforms to the Electoral Law, proposed by the executive branch and presented to the legislative branch for its approval following an invitation to the opposition to present its views. This declaration is the unified response of the 10 announced pre-candidates. ... continuar...


“Uniting our voices to categorically reject the government’s reforms”
The country’s two opposition blocs presented a joint declaration to the nation on April 22 about the executive branch’s electoral reforms. It was signed by 50 organizations, movements, political parties and private business associations, as well as organizations of the Nicaraguan diaspora. It is the first step on the road to a unified electoral alliance. ... continuar...


Are vaccines a commodity or a basic human right?
This author indignantly denounces the commodifying of vaccines for profit and as a mechanism for international diplomacy, penning these thoughts in the name of human dignity and the right to life. Will vaccines and global health continue to be governed by the market and foreign policy concerns or will we assume them as a universal human right? ... continuar...

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