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  Number 461 | Noviembre 2019



Reflections of Nicaragua’s crisis in Latin America’s new social uprisings
All of Latin America’s new exploding crises are political: challenging power from one side or the other, or just from below. They are also all social: shaking and polarizing their populations. And beyond any specific economic spark that set each one off, all have one root: massive disparity between the haves and have-nots. In all of them, multitudes of citizens have taken the streets. Sound similar to the crisis that blew up in Nicaragua with the April rebellion?... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ORTEGA GOVERNMENT NO. 1 LETHAL REPRESSOR OF CIVIL PROTESTS On October 25, Nicaragua’s daily newspaper La Prensa presented a journalistic investigation showing that Nicaragua’s regime has... continuar...


“We already won the elections; now we need to organize to make it real”
This expert in electoral issues offers a detailed examination of the essential changes the collapsed Nicaraguan electoral system needs in order to guarantee free and transparent elections and the extremely difficult political conditions in which the blue and white opposition would go into the next elections.... continuar...


Will we have new Army leadership or five more years of the same?
The second term of General Julio César Avilés as the Army commander-in-chief ends next February. Daniel Ortega must name his successor in December. General Bayardo Rodríguez is first in the line of succession. If he in fact ends up appointed to this top leadership position it remains to be seen how much autonomy and independence from the political interference of the ruling couple he can muster.... continuar...

El Salvador

Nayib Bukele kicks off his term to massive approval
Setting aside Bukele’s s addiction to Twitter, political vendetta-like firing of government officials, and slick style, not to mention ethe media’s snobbery, the majority’s recognition of Nayib Bukele’s administration has to do with it demonstrating that it’s constantly on the go. Bukele is making action his priority, and the showier, the better. He favors action over rethoric, and with the biggest payload possible.... continuar...


Utopias in Central America (part 3): From disillusion to April in Nicaragua
The youth who rebelled in Nicaragua last year have helped us envision new dreams. Their utopias seem more comprehensive, as they expanded their dreams into the cultural dimension and the protection of nature, and they were capable of sacrificing themselves for them. Their utopias are both bigger and smaller than those of the 80s, and a transgenerational arc links us to these utopian youth. ... continuar...

América Latina

Ecuador’s rebellious speak with one voice
Ecuador just experienced an uprising that was unprecedented and powerful for its immensity, independence and enthusiasm. It inaugurated an exceptional time of intense learning on how to now build a grassroots unity that’s capable of actually altering the country’s correlation of forces. Perhaps the first thing to do is formulate a program that proposes alternative economic approaches and reforms a corrupt political system hijacked by the economic elites. ... continuar...

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