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  Number 460 | Octubre 2019



The standoff between the majority and the dictatorship hits the year-and-a-half mark
Since April 2018 the majority of Nicaraguans have been clearly repudiating the Ortega-Murillo project. Although at a high cost, this social majority has insisted on responding to the repression with creative peaceful resistance, while at the same time working to create a unified political coalition to break its standoff with the dictatorship.... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
THE NATIONAL FLAG AS A COMPETITIVE SYMBOL? Starting in April 2018, the blue and white national flag became a symbol of the rebellion. It’s a particularly legitimate one because it represents... continuar...


From the UN to a regime that denies its human rights violations
This report, presented by Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the 42nd period of Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 10, 2019, documents the serious human rights violations of those the government considers “coup-mongers,” not victims,and refers to some concrete acts of repression that happened during the observed period. ... continuar...


Utopias in Central America (part 2): The dreams and nightmares in literature
How do different Central American writers evaluate the utopias their countries sought in the 1980s? Screeds written by Guatemalans and Salvadorans tend to range from dissatisfaction to revulsion, from disappointment to cynicism.   Only in Nicaragua does the utopian dream still have meaning in memoirs penned after the revolution’s electoral defeat by two of its most universally recognized writers. ... continuar...


The new government’s first steps
Panama has a new President,. but he has inherited some serious pending issues: medicine shortages in the Social Security Administration, arms expenses, narco-political connections, a water problem, large lumber exports at the cost of the country’s deforestation… There seem to be no clear and concrete plans for all of this.  ... continuar...


A global recession + Trump’s anti- immigrant policies = an explosive combo in the region
This Nicaraguan economist discusses some of the economic realities that await the Central American region in the coming years.... continuar...

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