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  Number 459 | Septiembre 2019



The players move to their own beat as real time advances relentlessly
Nicaraguans are living in uncertain times, grappling with the still-abnormal situation, while Ortega is playing irresponsibly with time, dragging out the crisis for his own purposes. With the international community moving slowly, the Civic Alliance has decided to crank up the pace.... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ROWING TENSIONS BETWEEN NICARAGUA AND COSTA RICA In the middle of the night on August 12, Costa Rica’s police force confronted a group of Nicaraguans in the border zone who were smuggling... continuar...


“We want to help create a coalition that represents the whole movement”
The American University’s rector from 2007 until he resigned in December 2018 to dedicate himself full time to the work of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy and help find a way out of the national crisis, discusses the Alliance’s birth and its trajectory, its relationship with the blue and white movement, and the obstacles to “dialoguing” with the regime in 2018 and “negotiating” with it earlier this year. Most importantly, he explains the context that led it to restructure and begin a new phase, and what it hopes to accomplish.... continuar...


Utopias in Central America (part 1): Dreams of war and postwar nightmares
Idealistic Central Americans in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua engaged in indispensable struggles, but at the most impossible time. Their revolutionary dreams were followed by the utopia of peace, which also never materialized. And today, when we most need unified, ethical leftist leadership, we find it even more divided and corrupt. The disarmed utopia has been neither more reasonable nor more realistic than its armed version, and in Nicaragua it has gone so far as tobecome a repressive nightmare.... continuar...


Why will the Amazon continue to burn?
In an all-out crusade to increase its agricultural and mining frontiers, Brazil has been aflame with over a thousand forest fires a day. President Jair Bolsonaro responded to the sharp increase in such deforestation during his administration by sacking the director of the agency that blew the whistle on the situation. His policy has met resistance even in Congress’ “ruralist” bench and is complicating Brazil’s diplomatic and financial relations. ... continuar...

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