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  Number 440 | Marzo 2018



The dilemmas of this “other time”
It’s “another time” in world geopolitics, with worsening signs of the destructive climate change and other damage we human beings are doing. It’s also “another time” for Nicaragua. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
LATIN AMERICA SUDDENLY ON THE US PUBLIC AGENDA In addition to the University of Texas symposium on “US Involvement and Engagement in Western Hemisphere Affairs” on February 1, where Secretary... continuar...


“We need a strategy for transitioning to democracy”
Having held top government and nongovernmental posts over time and served on the board of the American-Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce, this economist shares his perspectives about Nicaragua’s business sector and about the tensions between the US and Nicaraguan governments ... continuar...

Costa Rica

Keys to the first round, doubts about round two
There are several keys to understanding the unexpected and worrying results of the first election round in Costa Rica. Whatever happens in the concluding round, the country has entered a new stage: where prejudices and anti-values born of religious conservatism have come forth in full force. ... continuar...

América Latina

Persistent inequality: Disputing the legacy of Latin America’s “pink tide”
Why, during the cycle of Latin America’s progressive governments, those that either defined themselves as 21st-century Socialist or as moving toward it, those the authors called the “Pink Tide,” did they make much more modest progress in the struggle against the inequality reigning in their countries than they had proclaimed and expected? ... continuar...


Imagine the other
This 2017 winner of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize gave de university year's Inaugural Lecture at Guatemala's Rafael Landivar University on February 6. With passinante words he spoke about the religion's child emigrants and about migrants, refugees an "others" en general around the world. He called on the audience to "migrate" from mere tolerance for others to imagining them. identifying with them, understanding them and getting inside their skin to feel what they feel.... continuar...

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