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  Number 426 | Marzo 2017



Under pressure, the government is buying time
Negotiating with the Organization of American States was a way for the Ortega-Murillo government to buy time. But time to do what? To learn the fate of the Nica Act and Donald Trump’s plans for Nicaragua? How long can Ortega drag out this tactic given his slim maneuvering room? ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ERNESTO CARDENAL Late last year, Nicaragua’s renowned poet Ernesto Cardenal accompanied his valuable personal archive of books, letters, manuscripts, originals of poems, documents and photographs... continuar...


Criminal indifference to the violence on the Caribbean Coast
These Nicaraguan Human Rights Center experts describe some of the roots of the violence currently agitating Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, reflecting on historical events and more recent ones with which their organization has had direct dealings ... continuar...


Seven priorities for achieving quality education
After analyzing in last month’s envío the priority issues Nicaragua must tackle in education if it is to shake off the deficiencies of a system that has dragged it down for decades, the Center for Social and Educational Research and Action now offers a number of concrete proposals in those areas that could provide our children the quality education they need if they are to assume the challenges of this increasingly complex world. ... continuar...


One opportunity was lost… but others could open up
The opposition parties have lost an opportunity to oppose Juan Orlando Hernández’s illegal reelection. But many other opportunities could still open up. The international community is watching Honduras closely, observing how its previous freedoms are being cut off and how those defending their rivers, territories and natural assets run such enormous risks, including the loss of their own lives. It is observing the obstacles this government is erecting against the UNHCR and the OAS ’ MACCIH. And it is remembering Berta Cáceres, who now stands for Honduras. ... continuar...


When women are forced to migrate...
When women decide to migrate, get out, run away, escape, uncertainty, fear and even the risk of losing their lives en route are on one side of the balance sheet. On the other are probably only two powerful yearnings: surviving and safeguarding their dignity. ... continuar...


How does one democratize communication in the post-truth era?
What does it mean to demand the democratization of communication and information in the “post-truth” era, in which public opinion is less influenced by objectivity than by emotions, stereotypes and personal beliefs? Today, the media and political leaders use post-truth as a weapon of mass disorientation of public opinion, with Donald Trump the main practitioner of post-truth politics. ... continuar...

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