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  Number 425 | Febrero 2017



A presidential inauguration under clouding skies
Daniel Ortega began his third consecutive five-year term at the helm of the country’s government on January 10. Days later, while swearing in his Cabinet, he predicted that he will still be President in a decade. Notwithstanding the cocksureness of that statement, Ortega is well aware that his sky is clouding over, which could easily brew dense storm clouds threatening his stay in power. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
INTEROCEANIC CANAL ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN… At the end of last year it was unofficially confirmed that the government has discarded the interoceanic canal mega-project. Business leaders acknowledged... continuar...


Nica-US relations in the Era of Trump
This Nicaraguan economist, who worked for the World Bank for 28 years and has held multiple high-level diplomatic posts throughout his career, outlines the new US context following Donald Trump’s election and reflects on what it could mean for Nicaragua. ... continuar...


We’re overwhelmed by an enormous educational backwardness
We urgently need to rethink our educational policies in order to start overcoming the many deficiencies preventing our society from being able to assume the globalized planet’s increasingly complex challenges and its new and different risks and opportunities. We’ve identified five priority areas in education, pointing out the problems and deficiencies accumulated from one decade to the next because successive governments have incessantly employed similar solutions despite the warning attributed to Einstein that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” ... continuar...

El Salvador

Fiscal Crisis: Between dangers and opportunities
In an interview with FMLN congresswoman Lorena Peña, chair of the Legislative Assembly’s Financial Commission, we reviewed all aspects of the government’s financial situation. She acknowledged the crisis and that it represents a danger, as all do, but believes it also offers a chance to make profound changes in a system that has always favored those who have more at the expense of those who have less. ... continuar...


A priest, a coop and a peasantry that regulates the elites
People become conscious and organize when they realize that their resources, however few they may possess, have value, and that they don’t have to live as either indentured servants or masters. People progress when they discover the strength of community and faith. People open their minds when inspired by examples of personal integrity. The women and men who belong to the Panamanian cooperative “La Esperanza de los Campesinos” (Peasants’ Beacon of Hope) have experienced this and the proof is in the pudding. ... continuar...


An independent indigenous candidate to mobilize the dispossessed
After amply consulting its supporters, Mexico’s National Indigenous Congress decided to shake up the nation’s conscience by assuring that indignation, resistance and rebellion will be on the ballot of the 2018 presidential election. While neither the Congress nor the Zapatista movement will directly run against the other political parties ... continuar...


Trump’s victory signals the end of progressive neoliberalism
No tear need be shed for the defeat of Hillary Clinton, a major champion of progressive neoliberalism. But there is much to fear from a Trump administration, which is ragingly racist, anti-immigrant and anti-ecology. ... continuar...

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