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  Number 417 | Abril 2016



No path ahead
No words better describe the political scene this hot and steamy Nicaraguan summer than those of Rubén Darío—”No path ahead”— from “Lo fatal” (Fatalism), his most dramatic poem. We don’t know how November’s elections will unfold much less what might happen afterward... We don’t even know if there will be elections. And Nature is beginning to bill us for our abuse of her by exhausting the water that is so essential for life to continue along its path. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
IMF CLOSES ITS MANAGUA OFFICE Alluding to “the macroeconomic stability and growth” the country is experiencing, the International Monetary Fund announced on March 30 that it is closing the... continuar...


Three mutilating blows to the law against violence to women
This feminist psychologist analyzes the process the Ortega government engaged in to mutilate Law 779, which sought to guarantee Nicaraguan women the right to a life free of violence. ... continuar...


It isn’t “harvest time” yet in the Northern Triangle
No one can say whether Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador will meet the US-specified requirements for accessing the hundreds of millions of dollars Washington has allocated for its Northern Triangle Alliance for Prosperity Plan. Doing so requires resolute political will by the three countries to root out their burdensome legacy of corruption, impunity, widespread violence and administrative inefficiency. ... continuar...


The first hundred days of the comedian President
It is looking increasingly likely that the FCN-N, the party of retired military officers that promoted comedian Jimmy Morales’ candidacy, planned all along to convert him into a mere puppet, governing either around him or without him altogether. Even more likely-looking is a US strategy to make Guatemala a “protectorate,” turning it into a more livable country with fewer emigrants heading north. ... continuar...


Berta Cáceres: An indomitable woman with a statesperson’s nature
If one were to think of a candidate for the presidency of the Republic who would represent the interests and desires of the nation as a whole and all its people but from the perspective of the poorest, that would’ve been Berta Cáceres, “the Guardian girl of the rivers.” She was indomitable and incorruptible. And that’s why they killed her. ... continuar...

América Latina

Ecuador: A citizens’ revolution …without citizens?
Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa runs the risk of wanting to implement his Citizen’s Revolution even without citizens.... or with submissive ones who don’t fight for their rights, just accepting whatever is given to them. Analyzing the features of the Ecuadoran model, one more of the 21st-century socialisms, one more of the ALBA countries, reveals the limitations of this trend the author classifies as a generator of the most brilliant period of history of the Latin American Left ... continuar...

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