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  Number 410 | Septiembre 2015



Centralism + secrecy: A toxic combination
The governing couple’s centralization of all decision-making and its penchant for secrecy are causing government inefficiency and paralysis. And in the population itself, they are breeding confusion, distrust and fears. History shows that this anti-democratic model of governing is erosive. ... continuar...


NICA EXTRADITION REQUESTED IN FIFA CORRUPTION CASE On August 13, the Nicaraguan government formally asked the Swiss justice authorities to extradite Nicaraguan citizen Julio Rocha. He was... continuar...


“The Police has changed its role to guarantee the regime’s security”
This expert on issues of citizens’ security and drug trafficking paints us a Dorian Gray portrait of Nicaragua’s National Police and analyzes the factors that have contributed to its transformation from a force that protects the citizenry to one that protects the regime. ... continuar...


Some pointers to understanding the “Guatemalan Spring”
Since April we’ve been seeing unprecedented events unfold in Guatemala. This combination of surprising, novel and historical moments has been dubbed by many the “Guatemalan Spring.” Here are some of many pointers, some even contradictory, to understanding what has happened and may still happen., ... continuar...


What was won on the streets ...and what was lost
Three months of peaceful civic struggle by people in the streets with lit torches in hand triggered a dialogue that hasn’t been what we expected. Nonetheless, everything that is achieved today in any arena was the result of the energy and pressure of the torches lit by thousands of people all over the country with the cry of “JOH, get out!” and “We want a CICIH.” The torches unexpectedly and positively turned reality around but they didn’t control the direction it took. Now the 2009 resistance and the 2015 indignant movement must unite.... continuar...


Elections in a country for sale
The midterm elections showed the PRI’s control of the institutions and its lead role in impunity, corruption, the war against the people… and the sale of the country. The elections were crucial for Peña Nieto, who needs a likeminded Congress to approve the next structural reforms, among them the privatization of water. This need to assure the legislative majority explains why he protected his “yes man” ally, the Green Party.... continuar...


“The stakes are so high, time is so short and the task so large…”
“The invitation came as a complete surprise to me,” Canadian writer and climate movement activist Naomi Klein told journalists at the July 1 Vatican press conference to discuss Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudito Si’.” “And I do believe that given the attacks that are coming from the Republican Party around this and the fossil fuel interests in the United States, it was a particularly courageous decision to invite me here.” Here are her words as a member of that panel. ... continuar...

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