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  Number 379 | Marzo 2013



Is it a bird? A plane? A cultural revolution…?
A series of top-down initiatives—an ideological proposal, an educational strategy and a legal text—raise new questions about the Ortega government project and the potentially rough time ahead with the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez.... continuar...


NICARAGUA’S RESPONSE TO THE DEATH OF PRESIDENT CHÁVEZ The evening of March 4, hours after Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s death was announced, the Nicaraguan government organized a brief event... continuar...


Who’s responsible for the coffee rust plague and what can be done?
This researcher into the rural world and facilitator of innovative organizational processes offers data, arguments and proposals in his comprehensive analysis of the coffee situation in Nicaragua in this time of a rust crisis and who shares the responsibility.... continuar...

El Salvador

LaGeo-Enel: Chronicle of an energy highjacking
Geothermal energy supplies 26% of El Salvador’s electricity grid, making it the second largest energy source, only after oil. El Salvador’s use of geothermal energy is exceeded only by India and the Philippines and it is Central America’s biggest producer of this environmentally friendly energy. Retaining national sovereignty over such a valuable resource is now at stake.... continuar...


The Right’s militarism and lack of solidarity
Guatemala’s fundamental problem today is that the presidential victory of retired General Otto Pérez Molina is feeding a call to militarism, militarily-conceived state security, and harsh treatment for those who dissent, who are seen as “enemies.” During the eighties, the most dramatic years of Guatemala’s history, that same conception was “the source of all other violence.”... continuar...


The Zapatistas begin another stage and, as usual, make us think
“Did you hear that? It’s the sound of their world tumbling down. The sound of ours resurging. The day that was the day was night and night will be the day that will be day.”* With this message Subcomandante Marcos, accompanied by thousands of indigenous people who symbolically took over five Chiapas cities, set the stage for Zapatismo’s resurgence on the Mexican scene. It wasn’t a day like any other; it was December 21, 2012, the day a new cycle of Mayan time began.... continuar...


Mothers without borders search for disappeared migrants
In October of last year, 38 Central American women gathered in Guatemala to look for their disappeared children. Bearing photos of their loved ones and lots of hope, they toured 14 states and 23 localities of Mexico with the single objective of finding them. Here are some moments of the “Freeing up Hope” Caravan.... continuar...

América Latina

How Nature’s rights are violated
This compilation of three pieces by the same author is a passionate defense of the rights of Nature, currently violated by the extractionist economy and “extrahección” projects in Latin America imposed by Northern corporations with the complicity of conservative governments and even ones claiming to be socialist or leftist, as is happening here in Nicaragua.... continuar...

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