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  Number 373 | Agosto 2012



Pragmatism and shortsightedness rule the day
The US government’s decision to grant the property waiver to the Ortega government after two months of expectation and tension, and the inexorable advance of the electoral process with its predictable results revealed major doses of pragmatism and shortsightedness in both Washington and Managua.... continuar...


TAX REFORM DEBATE The debate between the government and the business elite over the tax reform the International Monetary Fund (IMF) requires as a condition for approval of a new agreement with... continuar...


Drug trafficking now has muscle and is generating a lot of money
Updated information and worrying reflections on the advances of drug trafficking activities in Nicaragua from an expert on security issues.... continuar...


Our future is at risk
Nicaragua’s age-old development model is opportunistic and unsustainable. We can no longer continue irrationally exploiting our natural resources. The prevailing developmentalist mindset is fatalistic and shortsighted. We may well be facing our very last chance to change course, think responsibly about the future of coming generations and adopt a new development vision.... continuar...


The country that gave birth to the new LIBRE Party
Honduras’ next elections are already being contested. The new Liberty and Re-founding Party (LIBRE), Manuel Zelaya’s recycled Liberal Party, leads the polls with its presidential candidate Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, Zelaya’s wife. But there’s still a year and a half to go to clear up the unknowns. Meanwhile, Honduras remains submerged in an economic crisis, corruption scandals, violent agrarian conflicts and boycotted reforms. And it remains firmly in the sights of the voracious US interest in oil deposits.... continuar...


Election residues
The size and intensity of the post-election protest is explained by the justified sense of grievance significant sectors of Mexican society are feeling. It isn’t sour grapes, it’s a public resisting and rejecting the organized mockery of their political rights. This election opened a new cycle of struggle in the unfinished democratization of Mexico.... continuar...


The terms of today’s ecological debate
The Río+20 Conference on the global ecological situation is over. Beyond the results, which met neither expectations or needs, there are new concepts in the current debate that call to all of us and make us all responsible. Some of these new terms are: eco-development, green economy, ecological footprint and anthropocene.... continuar...


Green economy: A path to another possible world?
The “green economy” proposal now touted by businesses, governments, universities and NGOs has been fed by the vogue and creed of global warming. The role of new technologies, with their unpredictable risks, is central to the green economy agenda, which still sees the environment as a mere provider of resources and people as a labor force to work and a mass to consume. The green economy is neither clean nor is it green and it won’t get our planet off its collision path with crisis and collapse.... continuar...

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