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  Number 363 | Octubre 2011



Last-minute pre-election fears, questions and warning signs
What consequences could a massive voter turnout have? Will the election become a two-candidate race at the last moment? Why did the Supreme Electoral Council dissuade electoral observation? These are only some of the questions still making the rounds, many of which will only be answered on election day.... continuar...


A TABOO TOPIC GETS AIRED “A taboo topic in the Nicaraguan elections” written by Esteban Beltrán, director of Amnesty International Spain, for El País, that country’s newspaper, and reprinted... continuar...


The health system’s many pending issues
Following last month’s assessment of Nicaragua’s public education, this issue offers an assessment of its public health system, focusing on the most important holes that the next government still needs to fill to respond to the population’s urgent needs, especially those of women and children.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Jesuit case is an issue of justice, not of honor
The Jesuit case is neither the only nor even the main crime committed by the Salvadoran State during the armed conflict. But it is symbolic, representing many thousands of horrendous crimes. The Society of Jesus in Central America demands that the truth be learned and justice be done. And it declares itself willing to forgive when that truth and justice become reality.... continuar...


Going into the second round touching bottom
When a society touches bottom, it yearns to breathe fresh air again. Formal democracy in Guatemala has hit bottom. Is there anyone to vote for in the second round? We need a coalition that can transform today’s democracy, one that can make it participatory, with innovative programming, transforming the economic, political, cultural and experiential system in which we are drowning.... continuar...


“Normalized” politics in a failing society
The contradiction between the “normality” achieved following the coup d’état and the violence and impunity dragging the country toward a failed society won’t be resolved by the elections, although that’s exactly what those who “turned the page” on the coup want to happen.... continuar...


Concerns about the wind corridor
Wind power generation is presented as a clean and beneficial alternative for society. But many questions persist about both the social and the environmental implications of this energy source. These questions haven’t been answered. othese questions haven’t been answered.on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca. A debate is needed on the degree to which wind power really deals with climate change.... continuar...


The second horseman of neoliberalism: Nongovernmental organizations
Central America has proved fertile ground for the emergence of thousands of NGOs. During the decades following the armed conflicts, NGOs have worked in innumerable and commendable ways. At the same time, their short-term policies, tendency to de-politicize and submissive dependence on funding from the North must be questioned, as does their contribution to the decline of wage labor and job security, another very serious issue given the region’s unemployment..... continuar...


Do indigenous peoples think these investments are fair?
Often we call something fair when it is shared in equal parts, is clear and transparent and treats everyone involved with respect and dignity. These fundamental premises are conspicuously absent in all processes related to the extractive industry, Central America’s governments and the indigenous communities. Here we analyze a prototype case: Guatemala’s Marlin Mine.... continuar...


A Letter to all the Left
These thoughts on the Left from a leftist with international prestige and proven commitment come on the eve of Nicaragua‘s elections, when the governing FSLN is trying to monopolize the Left’s identity and a group of Sandinistas are opposing it in a broad coalition.... continuar...

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