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  Number 352 | Noviembre 2010



Maktub is a common Arabic expression meaning “It is written,” suggesting immutability. Although virtually nothing “is written” in Nicaragua, several recent events, a year before the elections that are variously feared, desired or simply expected, permit some thoughts about the “written” or as yet “unwritten” future of that electoral process.... continuar...


EXCESSIVE RAINS PRODUCED EPIDEMICS AND CROP LOSSES As a consequence of the copious rains this winter, an outbreak of leptospirosis was detected on September 24 in the northwestern departments... continuar...


The Two Main Electoral Issues Must Be Education and Fiscal Reform
This economist analyzes recent data on the economic and social situation in Central America, particularly Nicaragua, highlighting our huge education deficits and the need for profound change in our unfair taxation systems.... continuar...


The Latest Border Crisis: Bi-national Citizenship Revisited
The solution to the new disagreement between Costa Rica and Nicaragua over the River San Juan, this time due to Nicaragua’s planned dredging operation, is a bi-national dialogue, a bi-national agreement and a bi-national understanding. But we need to look beyond that legal and political proposal. We need to think about and work for a bi-national citizenship. This is what Nicaricans and Ticaraguans are calling for, reaching well beyond border-based nationalism.... continuar...

El Salvador

Who’s Behind the “Lawlessness”?
Two months after the three-day transport strike, which spread uncontrolled panic among Salvadorans, speculations about who was behind it raise more questions than answers.... continuar...


Dialogue to Change Things So Everything Remains the Same
The dialogue called by President Lobo stirred up a political hornets’ nest but left intact the polarization that has trapped Honduras since the coup. It was a well-calculated step by Lobo in the quicksand he moves in, but caused a misstep by the Resistance Front: they refused to participate so had no way to state their positions or present a coherent, alternative dialogue plan.... continuar...

América Latina

Seven Sound Barriers Broken In the Digital Radio Era
The digital age’s technological revolution has broken seven different sound barriers. There are no longer barriers of space, time, laws, the market, censorship, age or gender. How can we exploit the opportunities being opened by the new technologies and the digital convergence to promote freedom of expression and cultural diversity from public, community and citizens’ radio stations?... continuar...

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