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  Number 351 | Octubre 2010



On Red Alert
Will next year’s electoral process, culminating in November’s presidential elections, be the “civic fiesta” these events are always touted as? As this period approaches, the warning signals are increasing, in the full spectrum of meteorological alert colors.... continuar...


HYDROELECTRIC MEGA-PROJECT In late September, El Nuevo Diario published the details of a mega-project that experts say will cause a mega-environmental disaster in Nicaragua. The Brito project,... continuar...


We Don’t Want Fear to Rob Us of Hope
This pro-Montealegre political leader analyzes the national political situation and some aspects of next year’s elections, including the significance of Fabio Gadea’s announced candidacy.... continuar...


When the Youngest Emigrate
Migration always has a transforming potential, which also holds true for children and adolescents who both suffer and learn from the change. Some decide for themselves and others go with their elders. We don’t yet know the contribution child and adolescent emigrants are already making by introducing remittances, ideas and new visions of the world into their communities of origin as well as the communities where they end up. The following provides certain pointers to a subject that requires greater research.... continuar...


A Government Strong with the Weak and Weak with the Strong
With its limited capacity to root out the organized crime mafias that are embedded in the state institutions and local powers; its inability to get private enterprise to budge on a fiscal reform; and its opening to foreign investors to exploit our natural resources and strip the communities of their territories, Álvaro Colom’s government is strong with the weak and weak with the strong.... continuar...

América Latina

Venezuela: Pieces for Analyzing Venezuela’s Election Results
Despite all the changes he made with respect to electoral districts and number of legislators to be elected, President Chávez didn’t get the victories he expected in Venezuela’s recent parliamentary elections. The results will have major consequences this year, requiring continuing monitoring and analyses. All of them will be of great interest in Nicaragua, where Chávez’s influence on the Ortega government is determinant. Here is a first brief analysis.... continuar...


Climate Change: Who’s in the Dock?
The world’s climate began changing in the 20th century, but for a long time nobody saw it and nobody believed it. Now, in this century, we’re both seeing it and feeling it. Who’s responsible? Who privatized fresh water, turning it into a commodity? Who used the seas and oceans as a giant rubbish dump? Who poisoned our atmosphere and wounded the ozone layer? All these things have played their part in climate change, the planet’s greatest environmental problem, one that will determine its future and that of the whole of humanity.... continuar...

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