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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 35 | Mayo 1984



Full-Scale Baffle against Destabilization
American presence in Central America and the Caribbean peaked during April with the launching of three overlapping military maneuvers: “Granadero I,” “Ocean Venture 84” and “Guardians of the Gulf.” ... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Labor Unions in the Face of Aggression
Aggression against Nicaragua has been intensified by a military circle composed of more than 8,000 counterrevolutionaries on the Honduran and Costa Rican borders and some 600 US-made mines in Nicaragua’s... continuar...


Honduras: Militarized and Denationalized
One of the most persistent accusations by the Reagan administration against Nicaragua can be summed up as “Nicaragua has become another Cuba.” From this, those in the central administration draw their... continuar...

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