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  Number 349 | Agosto 2010



Living with Ghosts
Another celebration of July 19, 1979, birth date of the Sandinista revolution, plus data from a new national survey raised fresh ghosts among those already haunting the government and opposition, those wonderful people who bring us our politics.... continuar...


A MEGA PORT PROJECT IN MONKEY POINT In the first week of July, it was reported that a memorandum of understanding had been signed between the State’s National Port Authority and two South... continuar...


Municipal Autonomy Is More Threatened than Ever
This long-time municipal activist offers a historical synthesis of the relations between the central government and the municipalities and an analysis of the threats municipal autonomy is now facing.... continuar...


A Nicaraguan in the World Trade Organization
This, in broad brushstrokes, is an account of my time in the WTO. They capture certain development practices in one of the world’s globalized capitals. They show the belly of this beast, in the parts I was able to enter...... continuar...

El Salvador

Mauricio Funes’ Successful Balancing Act
How has President Mauricio Funes managed to hang on to the presidential chair this whole year with a Right enviously eying the Honduran coup-makers and continually threatening to emulate them? He’s done it with a sure-footed balancing act on the political tightrope.... continuar...


200 Years of Independence, 100 Years of Revolution
Those up above promise a noisy, demagogic, manipulative celebration, empty of any content belonging to the deeper Mexico, invoking historic dates, bronze heroes and calcified tableaux that could make one forget the grassroots rebellions that accompanied Independence and the Revolution. Those down below persist in a discreet commemoration, full of substance and small actions that revitalize memories and take risks on the changes Mexico needs.... continuar...


The Planet’s First Layer Is Seriously Injured
Until now we thought the biosphere, our planet’s top layer, was inexhaustible. The increase in the world’s population, the rapid building of super-populated cities, ¬the uncontrollable movement of raw materials, the global expansion of horizontal motorized transport, the brutal extraction of minerals from deep in the Earth and the explosion of garbage, waste and poisons, all facilitated by the abundance of oil, are showing us that it’s not so.... continuar...

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