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  Number 341 | Diciembre 2009



What to Add, What to Subtract, How to Multiply, Who to Divide?
Year-ends require sum-ups. They aren’t easy in Nicaragua, where politics are extremely volatile. We’ve made an effort, applying basic math rules to some of the latest events and some of the trends we saw in the year now coming to an end.... continuar...


ERNESTO CARDENAL EVICTED FROM HIS OWN HOTEL On orders “from above” and using procedures riddled with irregularities, a group of police officers with an illegal judicial order evicted the legitimate... continuar...


The Health System Nicaragua Needs Is Preventive Not Curative
This general practitioner who specializes in epidemiology and has both worked for the health ministry and in the NGO world reflects on different aspects of the country’s health system.... continuar...


The Ship-out Caribbeans Have Left the Coast on Cruise Ships
“The foreigners who go on ocean cruises and the Coast folks who serve them are like books. There are many stories on every page of every book. You need to read all those stories.” Here are some for us to read.... continuar...

El Salvador

GANA’s Birth Is ARENA’s Loss
Losing the executive branch has been both symbolically and materially significant For ARENA. It’s the end of an era, not just of 20 years of consecutive rule, and has put an end to 150 years of total control by the Right. Materially speaking, ARENA lost access to public resources to benefit the party and to arenas from which to siphon off millions from the public coffers. Its exhausted rightwing formula is being challenged by a new one in the form of the new GANA party. Is the dominant bloc’s hegemony in a genuine crisis?... continuar...


A “Sweeping” Electoral Triumph but The Nation Got Trounced
The bipartisan model had collapsed before the coup, as had the concept of government and politics of the elites who planned and supported the coup. An authoritarian and repressive regime is coming, but Honduras also has an unparalleled opportunity. The country is poised at a unique crossroads: Can Pepe Lobo govern ignoring the Resistance? And can the Resistance keep up the fight for four more years?... continuar...


Socialism in the 21st Century: A Model with Changeable Pieces
What does 21st-century socialism consist of? Is it only a slogan or a dream that can be turned into a reality? Last century’s socialism has bequeathed this new one a logbook, with certain qualities that 21st-century socialism must acknowledge, embracing some, correcting others, and avoiding still others completely. The fast-changing times we live in today will necessarily make this model a puzzle we can put together and take apart.... continuar...

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