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  Number 339 | Octubre 2009



What Surprises Will the End of This Third Year Bring?
Will Daniel Ortega end up ensuring his reelection? How much will the worsening economic crisis affect the political one? What will the Caribbean region’s autonomous elections tell us? How far will negotiations with the Europeans get? What else will the end of 2009 bring us?... continuar...


POLICE DISMANTLE DRUG LAB On September 10, the National Police dismantled a clandestine laboratory on the outskirts of the municipality of Achuapa, department of León, in which the Sinaloa drug... continuar...


What’s Going On in the Municipalities? And What’s With the CPCs?
The executive secretary of the Nicaraguan Democracy and Local Development Network, shares the findings of her organization’s monitoring of 39 municipal governments’ first 100 days in office.... continuar...


Seven Deadly Sins We’re Bequeathing Our Young People
Raised with no early stimulation, growing up in a mythic culture unexposed to critical thought, and emotionally educated by macho soap operas and Mexican ballads where sexual abuse is the norm, with a concept of time that has us living in the past, prizing the old days, children of a society whose cornerstone is family names and clans, denying our color, despising what we are and devoted to donations more than a decent salary and a job well done. What development can we hope for when we’re this way because this is how we are?... continuar...

El Salvador

The First 100 Days: Successes, Silences, Threats, Blackmail… and Challenges
The Funes government has led to adjustments in all the country’s political, social and economic forces. We can’t possibly evaluate Mauricio Funes’ first 100 days in office, without assessing these forces’ initial behavior in the new context.... continuar...


More from the Honduras Diary: From Jubilation to Repression
Manuel Zelaya’s return to Honduras was unanticipated, as these chronicles from the preceding days show. Nor can we anticipate how this conflict will unfold. That story will only be told in as yet unwritten chronicles, which will also reveal what really caused the coup in the soul of the Honduran people.... continuar...


What Comes After Zelaya?
Manuel Zelaya Rosales’ unexpected return forced a dialogue and accelerated negotiations, but no negotiations in either the near or medium future will pull us from the depths into which this conflict has plunged us. Only a social pact based on a national project, including the now national demand for a constituent assembly, might prove positive following this tumultuous and incredibly costly period of our history.... continuar...


MySpace, Storytelling and the New Magnification of the World
The Web as an indispensable socializing vehicle, the marketing assault, the new consumer products and the politicians’ shift towards emotional discourse are all symptoms of the changes shaking our societies, grown mistrustful of words and reason. Postmodernism has ended all grand narratives, leaving our contemporaries with an insatiable thirst for stories that give meaning to life, and a shared collective self-image that rebels against the iconoclastic, rationalist Judeo-Christian one.... continuar...

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