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  Number 330 | Enero 2009



Abuse as Usual Means Many Accounts to Settle
Neither apologizing nor accounting for the massive fraud committed in last November’s municipal elections, the Ortega government has started this new year Hell-bent on imposing its long-term project. In what promises to be an uncertain and certainly economically harsh year, that project has already racked up many debts.... continuar...


FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE? Following the Latin American presidential summit in Brazil in mid-December, where he failed to get a word of support in its final document despite a vehement denunciation... continuar...


Public Finances, and Thus the Common Good, Are Being Abused
This expert in fiscal law analyzes the exceptional national situation and the current government’s deficient, incoherent and elitist economic policy.... continuar...


The Lessons of Mitch: Learned, Not Learned and Unlearned
Ten years after Hurricane Mitch, we returned to the places we visited back then and looked again at all the reports of efforts to respond to that disaster. This article summarizes that enterprise, which led to this conclusion: a long road is still ahead if we are to change our mindset and our political environment.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Crystal Ball Is Still Cloudy
Political analysts of all stripes claimed for months that the January 18 municipal and legislative elections would herald various portents for March’s presidential elections. But the results didn’t forecast clear omens. The crystal ball is still cloudy.... continuar...


Zapatistas Organize the First Global Festival of Dignified Rage
The Zapatistas called a festival so that all dignified rages in the world could come together, meet, talk and listen to each other. The idea was to discover the plurality of rages and accept the differences involved in experiencing them. The festival’s conclusion was to “make a deal to fight together for the whole and for what corresponds to each and every one.”... continuar...


Darwin’s 200th Anniversary: There’s So Much More to Learn
This year the world celebrates the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his theory of evolution in The Origin of Species. Here in Nicaragua, we’re celebrating the eminent natural scientist who taught us “the trick of life” by recalling the central issues he showed us and lamenting the many we still need to understand and embrace.... continuar...

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