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  Number 328 | Noviembre 2008



Nicaragua Is the Municipal Elections’ Big Loser
Unlike some Latin American countries, Nicaragua has a tested faith in elections. Have Nicaraguans lost their faith this time around? That is only one, and certainly not the most anguishing, of the many questions these municipal elections have raised. Many voters saw them as a plebiscite on the Ortega government and do not believe the announced results, which have brought the country to a new crisis as terrible as it was predictable.... continuar...


EDGAR TIJERINO’S VOW OF SILENCE On October 15, the influential Nicaraguan sports journalist Edgard Tijerino announced he would no longer be making any political comments on his popular radio... continuar...


International NGOs Won’t Give Up Our Work or Reason for Being Here
This representative of the Basque NGO Mundubat (One World) in Nicaragua shares his views on the recent government attacks on international NGOs—which official media sources label “imperialism’s Trojan horses.” ... continuar...


In These Times of Uncertainty and Insomnia…
Remarks by the rector of Managua’s Central American University (UCA) at the Second Annual Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism when presenting First Prize to Mauricio Miranda, José Adán Silva and Luis Galeano for their excellent series of reports in El Nuevo Diario about the “Tecnosa case,” one of the biggest uncovered corruption scandals involving this government. Oliver Gomez, also from END, received special mention for his investigation of yet another high-profile case of governmental irregularities— the state electricity regulatory body’s attempt to hire Gero-ICI, a Spanish shell corporation or “mailbox company.”... continuar...

El Salvador

Evictions and Megaprojects: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Plan Puebla Panama lauds the advantages of mega-projects for promoting the development of the Mesoamerican region. But the eviction of residents in the Association of United Peoples begs the questions of who the development is actually for and whose development will be negatively affected. The Salvadoran government apparently still favors the development of a few in exchange for the misery of many.... continuar...


Child Adoption: Another Form of Violence
Relative to its population, Guatemala provides the most children for adoption in the world. The business originated in the war’s horrors, violates national and international laws, has grown exponentially in recent years, is fed by poverty and greed, is highly profitable and usually is run by well organized networks.... continuar...


Deportees Have no Papers or Rights, Only Borders
Excluded in the countries of the South, rejected in those of the North, deportees are excess population, the globalized system’s rejects… While they may have no papers, they do have life projects. Denied their rights, such migrants are developing a form of resistance that allows them to defend those rights with a new awareness. How long will borders be used to try to block South-North migration?... continuar...

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