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  Number 323 | Junio 2008



Nicaraguans Squeezed on All Sides
The pincer strategy designed by the FSLN-PLC pact nine years ago forced the population into a bipartite electoral choice between candidates hand-picked by Daniel Ortega or Arnoldo Alemán. It was reactivated this month and combines with another by two forces at work in Daniel Ortega’s government: one privatizing state resources to family businesses and the other party-izing social programs to serve the governing couple’s political project.... continuar...


ABNORMAL CLIMATIC ACTIVITY Tropical storm Alma hit Nicaragua’s Pacific zone with unexpected force on May 29. The damage caused by its 60-mile-an-hour winds and torrential rains cast a pall on... continuar...


We Need More Action and Less Talk About the Food Crisis
Reflections by a leader of Nicaragua’s agricultural cooperative movement about the much-discussed food crisis and the lack of government policies or coordinated actions by the different economic actors to deal with it.... continuar...


Climate Change: We Can Already See What Our Future Will Be Like
Information on the effects—those already evident and those still to come—of climate change in Nicaragua.... continuar...


Deportation from the USA: An “Illegal” Guatemalan’s Tale
The author interviewed an indigenous migrant in his Quiché village and heard first-hand the hard reality of his deportation from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to Guatemala after working in the United States for two years.... continuar...


The Struggle for a New Media Law: Who Owns the Airwaves?
Televisa and Televisión Azteca control Mexico’s entire television audience. The long, arduous struggle to break this “duo-poly” and defend citizens from the media’s unfettered rule hit a major stumbling block in April, but there will be another decisive moment in September.... continuar...

América Latina

Strawberry Fields and Undocumented Workers Forever?
When I got to California’s Salinas Valley, my eyes swam in a sea of strawberries. Looking closer, I discovered the numbers in an economy hungry for fresh strawberries and reliant on a cheap and docile labor force. Visiting the homes of several pickers, I found struggle, clarity and change This is the story.... continuar...

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