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  Number 318 | Enero 2008



Storm Clouds of Ambiguous Days (Or the Ambiguities of Stormy Days)
With his strident, rhetorical speeches and ambiguous attitudes, President Ortega is generating uncertainty rather than consensus. The big capitalists are confidently ignoring the rhetoric and ambiguities because the economic logic is the same as under the previous governments, but small and medium businesses increasingly resent the confusion and even grassroot Sandinistas are beginning to have doubts, though they haven’t yet given up on their expectations. One year after the FSLN returned to government there are more ambiguities than certainties and storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.... continuar...


BISHOPS WORRIED During the Immaculate Conception (Purísima ) celebrations, the Catholic Bishops’ Council of Nicaragua published a document analyzing the national situation, praising the achievements... continuar...


Ten Reflections in Defense of Freedom of Expresión
January 10 was the 30th anniversary of the Somoza dictatorship’s assassination of the highly respected newsman and politician, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal. His son, journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, flanked by his siblings and other well-known political and cultural figures, used the occasion to read a “Declaration in Defense of Freedom of Expression” on the harmony between the thought and action of this “Martyr for Public Liberty” and offer 10 reflections in defense of freedom of expression today. envío supports and commits itelf to the principles and proosals they contain.... continuar...


Are Raw Materials Our Only Contribution to Science?
The state of the sciences in Nicaragua is deplorable. Without a national plan of scientific development and research priorities, with few human and material resources for science, technology, and innovation,and no overall culture, vision or ethics of science among the political class,we are certain to remain economically prostrate and underdeveloped.Nor can democracy flourish without science and a scientific culture.... continuar...

El Salvador

Who’s Defending Monsignor Romero?
Twenty-seven years of impunity after an assassination classified “a crime against humanity” by a US judge. Seven years of contempt by the Salvadoran state, as it sidesteps the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. And since October 2007, a secret dialogue between the ARENA government and the Archdiocese of San Salvador to reach an “agreement.” So who’s defending Monsignor Romero?... continuar...


Warning the World that Zapatismo Is in Danger
The Zapatistas have flashed a red alert to Mexico and the world. The problem is not just the growing military aggression, but rather that important sectors of Mexican society are ignoring the danger. Mexico will not be the only loser if Zapatismo is destroyed. Latin America and all of humanity will lose as well.... continuar...

América Latina

Marxism, Post-Marxism, Liberation Theology (Part 1) Reflections for a Re-encounter
When Marxism and Liberation Theology found each other in Latin America they reached a utilitarian understanding and formed a pragmatic alliance. The Latin American Marxism of the time was Marxism-Leninism, which was strongly influenced by the official Soviet version reproduced and popularized in dogmatic handbooks riddled with certainties about the future of History. Liberation Theology, naïve and also filled with certainties, adopted this Marxism, which simplified the continent’s social reality. It is time to reflect on this naiveté. An opportunity exists for another encounter. ... continuar...

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