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  Number 315 | Octubre 2007



Ba’ra sma ki? The Caribbean’s Challenge
As the UN representative in Managua so accurately put it, the combination of the Caribbean Coast’s historic emergency and the one caused by Hurricane Felix produced “a difficulty seldom found in any geographic place on Earth.” Are we prepared to deal with that difficulty? Is the government?... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
MONEY LAUNDERING While inaugurating a seminar on research techniques for financial crimes for officials of Nicaragua’s police department, attorney general’s office, public prosecutor’s office... continuar...


The Hurricane Carried Away All Harmony
Reflections on the past, present and future of Nicaragua’s north Caribbean region, now devastated by Hurricane Felix.... continuar...


A Month after the Hurricane The Worst Is Yet to Come
The tragedies caused by Hurricane Felix in a vast area of the northern Caribbean Coast have their own different qualities in Bilwi, the Mines, the seaboard, the inland savannah and the Río Coco. This is one take on what happened in the first month after the hurricane in three Miskitu communities of the north savannah: Sangnilaya, Iltara and Butku.... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Justice System: A Portrait in Grays
“Many judges are utterly incorruptible”’ Bertold Brecht once quipped; “no one can induce them to administer justice.” And Baron de Montesquieu argued, “There is no tyranny worse than that exercised in the shadow of the laws with the appearance of justice.” These two immortals might have been describing Nicaragua’s justice system today. What do Sandinista Supreme Court Justices Alba Luz Ramos and Yadira Centeno have to say on the subject?... continuar...


Notes on a Scandal Of Historic Proportions
September 13: 66 National Assembly representatives ratify the criminalization of therapeutic abortion that many of them first pushed through in the midst of last year’s election campaign. Nicaragua is now one of only three countries in the world that turns pregnant women, doctors and other health personnel into criminals for involvement in terminating any pregnancy, even if recommended due to extremely high risk for the mother or to obstetric emergencies. Therapeutic abortion had been legal for over a century and a half until our legislators decided to criminalize it last October. The following are public and not so public tidbits about how this shameful scandal went down, all first hand or from direct sources.... continuar...


Surviving the Elections
Guatemalans survived the first round of the elections on September 9, whose Legislative Assembly and municipal government results merit analysis. They are now preparing for round two, which will determine their new President. There are important differences between Otto Perez Molina and Álvaro Colom: differences between a military option and a civilian one, and between a “hard hand” and a commitment to hope.... continuar...


Partiocracy vs. the Media: An Important Battle
Mexico’s powerful media, dominated by Televisa and Televisión Azteca, behaved like gangsters in their attempt to block an election reform that would limit their sizable profits from election campaigns. The partiocracy won this time. The relationship between media, money and political parties has started to change, but a larger challenge still remains: altering the relationship between parties and citizenry.... continuar...

América Latina

Five Little Problems with Venezuela’s Brand of 21st Century Socialism
Is socialism viable and sustainable in Venezuela or any other Latin American country in the 21st century? Does Venezuela’s model make any sense for Nicaragua? The five “little problems” discussed here are actually colossal, well worth reflecting on before applauding, preaching… or copying them.... continuar...

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