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  Number 307 | Febrero 2007



The Hopes, Dreams and Fears Are Already Starting to Unfold
Nicaragua inaugurated a new government on January 10. Important decisions and announcements of social improvements are feeding long-nurtured hopes among FSLN voters and the poor in general. Venezuela’s generous collaboration was announced with great fanfare, increasing expectations and creating dreams beyond realization. But in contrast to the positive economic and social signs, the first political measures caused fear, uncertainty and even shock.... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
MRS ALLIANCE BETRAYED BY TWO OF ITS LEGISLATORS The MRS Alliance, which won five legislative seats in the elections last November 5, ended up with only three on its bench: Mónica Baltodano,... continuar...


Who’s Who in the New Cabinet
The new government’s mixed Cabinet includes both little-known and well-known professionals, activists, former army members, Sandinista militants, businesspeople, intellectuals and people with no defined political career. Will they all remain in their posts for the next five years?... continuar...


“The Mettle of Our Civil Society Is Going to Be Put to the Test”
A long-time activist in local development work analyzes the design of the “participation” planned through the creation— by decree—of the new Council on Communication and Citizenry, to be headed up by Daniel Ortega’s wife, Rosario Murillo, and the consequences that this could have for the existing experiences of civic participation.... continuar...


What Must We Defend in Negotiations with the IMF?
On what terms should Nicaragua hammer out its new agreement with the International Monetary Fund? While bilateral cooperation is waiting for such an agreement to disburse some US$130 million in aid for the 2007 national budget, the new government blows hot and cold. What are the IMF’s conditions, what must Nicaragua defend during the negotiations and what maneuvering room does it have to do so?... continuar...


Ten Years of Peace: Three Appraisals
The Peace Accords were signed in Guatemala ten years ago. Three Guatemalans with very different experiences measure the achievements, the progress, the setbacks and the many important commitments still pending.... continuar...


Oaxaca: Unwavering Grassroots Resistance
For the past several months, the people of Oaxaca have marched in the streets against the repressive forces sent first by the PAN’s outgoing government, then by its fraudulent new government. The movement in Oaxaca is emblematic of a new kind of resistance that has arisen from the grass roots and overcome its fear. The recent events there have further discredited the neoliberal economic model imposed in Mexico.... continuar...


The Concentration of Power: More Integration and Inequality
This first of a two-part article argues that Central America has undergone a structural rupture in the last three decades leaving a new economic model based on maquilas and remittances. The region is now undergoing a real and accelerated integration led by big national economic groups and transnational corporations. Its negative tendencies bode ill for democracy and development.... continuar...

América Latina

Chakana Guides for Community Radio
The Latin American Left’s progress is a hot topic of political analysis all over the world. Are community radio stations, people’s radio stations, leftist stations also moving forward? They appear to have been stalled for some years now. The four stars of the Incan Chakana, that heavenly compass also known as the Southern Cross, show us how to get back on track, and how to find true North, which is South.... continuar...

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