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  Number 301 | Agosto 2006



How Things Stacks Up on the Official Campaign Starting Date
What elements are in place and what still have loose ends as the campaign for the November 5 elections officially opens? The FSLN, which has most of the advantages on its side, has a good shot at winning the presidency after a three-time losing streak.... continuar...


OAS ELECTORAL OBSERVERS CRITICAL OF PROCESS The following obstacles to the country’s electoral process are underscored in a report submitted to the Organization of American States’ Permanent... continuar...


“Nicaragua Deserves a Decent Government”
An insider’s look at the MRS Alliance’s situation after the unexpected death of its presidential candidate, Herty Lewites, and at some of the projects it is planning for government.... continuar...


The New National Police Chief Faces Colossal Challenges
In September Aminta Granera will become the general director of the National Police, the second woman to hold the post since the revolutionary decade. The challenges she faces are much greater than the ones then.... continuar...


Could “Evo” Happen in Guatemala?
What’s happening in Bolivia and in Evo Morales’ government could have repercussions in Guatemala, but perhaps not until 2011. What similarities and differences between the situations in the two countries might bode for a similar change in Guatemala?... continuar...


Elections 2006: “This Isn’t Democracy”
Was the tiny gap between Calderón and López Obrador real or was it the product of manipulation and fraud? Whatever the truth, the powerful interest groups, enemies of democracy, imposed their will. The elections were unfair and managed by a biased electoral commission.... continuar...


Why No Maras in Nicaragua?
Why haven’t the fierce Mara 13 and Mara 18 youth gangs moved into Nicaragua? And why are Nicaragua’s own gangs less violent than their counterparts in the rest of Central America? The discourse on youth violence is full of fear-mongering, laws and myths. We have to reach beyond all that and start thinking more. ... continuar...

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