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  Number 299 | Junio 2006



First Identikit of the Four Bands
This year’s electoral line-up is now official: four bands are within striking range of the coveted presidency. What we don’t yet know is the political, economic, social and cultural score each is proposing as its particular marching music—i.e. its program, though all of the major candidates have hummed a few bars for us. Until we know their vision of the future, there’s no public debate—without which polls mean little.... continuar...


CENI BOND INVESTIGATION SINGES SOME FEATHERS The institutional investigation into the CENI bonds continued through May. The CENIs were issued by the Central Bank to cover losses caused by... continuar...


International Cooperation and Civil Society: The High Price of Relations
Has international cooperation failed? What has it achieved and at what and whose cost? This is a still-open debate that Nicaragua should take up. One of the fruits of cooperation has been to install in our countries the concept of “civil society” and a language and vision copied from the North and removed from our realities. This is something upon which Nicaragua’s Left should urgently reflect.... continuar...


Interrupting Pregnancy: Deciding between Life and Life
National Assembly debates over whether to eliminate the right to therapeutic abortion from the Penal Code repeatedly get announced then postponed for political reasons. Some women hold workshops, meetings and marches with banners insisting “My life is worth more,” while others march in defense of “the unborn.” The following text, originally titled “Is interrupting a pregnancy a sin? How to decide between God and conscience” has been read, reflected on and debated by women’s organizations all over Nicaragua in recent months.... continuar...


The Impenetrable Wall Built by the Rich
The rich in Guatemala have built a solid wall between themselves and the rest of their compatriots. Violence and poverty have formed a vicious circle on the side where the poor struggle to survive while the rich shore up their side with capital from the traditional oligarchy, a new class of entrepreneurs and organized crime.... continuar...


A New Government from Which Nothing Is Expected
Four months after taking power through sheer luck, no one any longer expects a thing from Mel Zelaya’s government. Its lack of credibility and its ineptitude have been evident from the start and, unless it changes its erratic path, there are only two ways out: short term chaos or a bipartisan pact. ... continuar...

América Latina

What Must We Change To Provide Quality Education?
In this fourth and final article on initial education, Peralta argues that educating will never be easy, because it’s the most complex human phenomenon there is, While there are no recipes, theory, practice and research have taught us what we have to do and change to provide quality education and get better results. Having the appropriate knowledge makes committing to quality education an ethical issue.... continuar...

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