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  Number 296 | Marzo 2006



Coast Elections: Whose Temperature Was Taken?
How will both the organizational work and the outcome of the recent autonomous elections on the Caribbean Coast influence this November’s general elections? Whose temperature did that electoral thermometer take? The following are some initial impressions in response to these questions.... continuar...


“We Want Respect from the National Government”
The national parties saw March’s autonomous elections in the Caribbean Coast as little other than a way to measure their strength going into November’s national elections. But coast people have different needs, concepts and realities than the rest of the nation, as the rector of one of the coast’s two universities passionately argues from her wealth of experience.... continuar...


“The Problem Isn’t Lack of Resources; It’s Fiscal Inequity and Legalized Pillage”
This fiscal law expert offers staggering information and figures to help explain what really lies behind two major and prolonged strikes in Nicaragua today.... continuar...


Maquilas, Fast Food, Casinos, Cells: Serpents in Paradise
Three stories of Nicaraguans employed by transnational franchises show how local management vices serve the system’s global strategy, how tropicalizing the transnationals multiplies the perverse effects of today’s global capitalism. ... continuar...


POLITICAL WITCHCRAFT A hand-rolled cigar riddled with pins and dripping with sulfur appeared in the Supreme Court’s plenary hall on February 22, following a Court resolution on the Supreme Electoral... continuar...


Institutions under Siege
Many of the country’s legislators and police are implicated in drug trafficking, and the army, ruled by crime and cloaked in secrecy and complicity, still wields undue power. Organized crime and the “hidden powers” that have long ruled Guatemala are penetrating the country’s institutions with total impunity.... continuar...


Solidarity Cooperation in a Market-Driven World
Solidarity cooperation has made important contributions to Central America, but it has also been incongruent and even strayed off the road at times. In the current domination of business and the almighty dollar, we must resist in principles and innovate in methods. We must be able to say NO and to aim lower. If we lose spaces in the market, so be it; we’ll recover them in solidarity.... continuar...

América Latina

What Kind of People Are We Forming In Our Kindergartens?
In this first of a four-part series on early education, Peralta, a pedagogue and anthropologist who was director of Chile’s National Kindergarten Board for nearly nine years, muses on the history, purpose and current state of infant education In Latin America.... continuar...

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