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  Number 293 | Diciembre 2005



El Güegüense: Heritage of Humanity
On November 25, 2005, El Güegüense, a 17th-century dance- theater or dramatized dance, one of Nicaragua’s cultural treasures, was declared a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.... continuar...


New Times? Güegüense Times
2005, year of the great crisis, is coming to an end. The Framework Law put the crisis on hold so we can move into 2006, the year of the great decision, with a presidential race that promises to be hard-fought and bitter, because in the land controlled by the caudillos, the Güegüenses are dancing.... continuar...


“The Alliance Around Herty Lewites Is a Unique Opportunity We Mustn’t Waste”
This well-known Sandinista political leader and analyst reflects on why Sandinistas and other Nicaraguans owe it to themselves and the country to support the presidential candidacy of Sandinista Herty Lewites.... continuar...


While the Left Is Modernizing, The Right Is Stagnating
In a country like Nicaragua, social justice should be a national obsession. The Left has understood that and is modernizing to respond intelligently to the challenge. To do so, it must resolve its “bad relations” with democracy, individual rights and the market. Meanwhile, argues the author in this third part of his portrait of Nicaragua’s political parties, the Right is stuck in its old ways, making its modernization a task of the Left, as absurd as that may sound. ... continuar...


Elections in the Caribbean Coast: Drugs, Abandonment and Apathy
Another election for the autonomous governments of Nicaragua’s Caribbean region will be held next March. Before evaluating the performance of the previous governments and the competing parties’ proposals—assuming they will eventually be unveiled—we need to take another look at this abandoned half of the country.... continuar...


ALEMÁN’S TRIAL IN PANAMA POSTPONED The great expectations created in the Nicaraguan media about former President Arnoldo Alemán’s trial in Panama were dashed when, alleging their client’s ill... continuar...


The Visible and Invisible Aspects of Feminicide
Why are women murdered? And why the youngest and poorest? In Guatemala, we have too many questions still without answers. And though we now hear so much about their deaths, what do we know of their lives?... continuar...


Why Do So Many Civilians Have Firearms?
The belief that the more armed you are, the safer you are is putting more weapons in civilian hands in Central America. This myth can be found at the deepest roots of our collective history, expressing the “normality” of violence in human relations and the social order, thus reflecting the egregious role of authoritarian states.... continuar...

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