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  Number 289 | Agosto 2005



Garza Returns to Untie the Gordian Knot
The overpowering US influence on our politics has been a constant throughout Nicaragua’s history. Former ambassador Oliver Garza has just come back and the entire political class is hanging on his every move, watching to see what ace he will pull out of his sleeve. ... continuar...


BOLAÑOS’ SON DIES AT 50 President Bolaños’ youngest son Jorge died at the age of 50 on July 27. He was rushed from Managua to a Miami hospital after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage from which... continuar...


The Poisonous Recipe of Electoral Democracy Without Social Consensus
“Everything we Liberals and Conservatives have achieved here we’ve done by instinct; we’re nothing more than passions...” writes Fernando Silva in his novel, El Comandante. Are Nicaragua’s political parties mere passions? How responsible are they for the derailment of the democratic experiment initiated in 1990? This is the first of a series of reflections on Nicaragua’s political parties.... continuar...


“The Whole Country Was a Huge School”
It’s been 25 years since the National Literacy Crusade earned the Sandinista revolution so much respect, admiration and consensus in Nicaragua and in the rest of the world. Fernando Cardenal recalls that educational adventure he directed.... continuar...


“The State Doesn’t Have to Be Painted Mayan, But...”
envío attended an interesting reflection by Rigoberta Menchú, Álvaro Pop and Rosalina Tuyuc on Mayan participation in the state, the current government, its new institutions and the formulation of public policy. Following Guatemala’s long, tragic internal conflict, where are the Mayans now? What are they doing? What do they aspire to? What do they propose? ... continuar...


The Zapatistas’ New Face: Towards a Social Left
“Politicians will finish our country off before we can agree on how to stop them,” said Subcomandante Marcos as he detailed “The Other Campaign” that the Zapatistas are embarking on, and have invited others to join. “Let the heart beat where it where it should,” he counseled: “ on the left.” This new stage of the Zapatista movement clearly hopes to bring the Left together.... continuar...


The Neoliberal Model in Times of AIDS
World maps illustrating areas of high poverty largely overlap those of high HIV/AIDS prevalence. It’s no coincidence that both poverty and AIDS have run rampant in these last two decades of neoliberalism. Yet, while the AIDS epidemic devastates entire countries, those responsible for neoliberalism try to blame the virus on poverty, a real feat of ideological juggling.... continuar...

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