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  Number 287 | Junio 2005



A Divided, Divvied Up and Directionless Country
All authors of today’s institutional chaos are using “the law” to justify their actions. They insist their self-interested acts are legal, and wouldn’t dream of questioning their legitimacy. They say they’re doing what they do “for Nicaragua” but most Nicaraguans aren’t legitimizing anybody. They’re too busy just trying to keep their head above the rising tide of disorder.... continuar...


CIVIL COORDINATOR GIVEN A RUN FOR ITS MONEY The Civil Coordinator, an umbrella group of some 450 social organizations and NGOs formed originally to influence aid priorities and reconstruction... continuar...


Victims of Nemagon Hit the Road
For three long months, thousands of Chinandega families affected by the pesticide “Nemagon” and other lethal chemicals as a result of their former work on banana and sugar cane plantations camped out in Managua, presenting their claims and exposing their pain. This new stage in their struggle for justice offers some valuable lessons.... continuar...


The Energy Crisis Explained
In a talk to envío, economist Adolfo Acevedo explained the reasons behind Nicaragua’s current energy crisis.... continuar...

El Salvador

Corruption Exposes the Free Market Myth
All analyses concur that the Central American country in which the free market economy functions best is El Salvador. But while that economic model dominates official speeches and government policies, is the Salvadoran market truly free?... continuar...


The United States Finds the Groundwork Laid
Security is a priority issue in Guatemala. Political violence and both common and organized crime have risen enough to push their way onto the national agenda. The United States, with new security issues added to its agenda of control and domination, would like to see the country’s army take a lead role so both Guatemala’s problems and its own can be resolved efficiently.... continuar...


Andrés Manuel López Obrador: The Year Democracy Lived Dangerously
President Fox’s obsession with knocking Mexico City Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador, out of the upcoming presidential race went on for an entire year. Its near success threatened the very viability of Mexico’s democracy.... continuar...


Our Constructed Image Of Central American Migrants
Our research and studies on Central American migration sculpt an image of our emigrants through the issues they deal with, what they say, what they fail to mention and what they choose to stress. In so doing, we are promoting national policies. We are responsible. We thus have an ethical responsibility in the work we do.... continuar...

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