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  Number 286 | Mayo 2005



The Fuel Crisis and The Sparks that Ignite It
The fare hike urged by Managua’s bus companies due to the unstoppable rise in international oil prices was the visible spark that ignited a new, three-week crisis. But like the last one and surely all the ones to follow, this crisis was inflamed by a home-grown material that many of the sparks flying around can ignite. ... continuar...


ROUGH JUSTICE FOR FUTURE POLICE CHIEF? On April 16, as the protests against the bus fare hike began to peak, President Bolaños surprisingly ordered the retirement of National Police (PN) Deputy... continuar...


The Code of Children and Adolescents: Comments on a Misunderstood Law
The resignation of Carlos Emilio López, Special Attorney for Children and Adolescents from the Human Rights Defense Attorney’s Office, expresses the crisis currently affecting this recently created institution. This article discusses its financial, ideological, political and cultural problems.... continuar...


Miguel Facussé: Fencing off Paradise
One case, just one, that demonstrates how the most successful businesspeople of Honduras and the rest of Central America operate, and how the poor, their traditional victims, are organizing and learning to speak out.... continuar...


Marcela Lagarde: A Feminist Battles Feminicide
A leading figure in Latin American feminism, Marcela Lagarde is now a member of Mexico’s House of Representatives, where she presides over its special commission to follow up on investigations into the murder of women. Through her ideas and activism, she aims to leave a mark on public policies.... continuar...


Quito Isn’t Managua, Ecuador Isn’t Nicaragua
With calculated demagogy, superficial analysis or misinformation, FSLN leaders from top to bottom compared the April disturbances in Managua with the events in Ecuador that ended with the removal of Lucio Gutiérrez, that country’s unpopular President, from office. In this document, dated April 25, civic organizations of Ecuador summarize the Ecuadorian people’s admirable mobilization. Even a superficial reading of it shows the falsity of the comparison with today’s Nicaragua.... continuar...


From John Paul II to Benedict XVI: Memories, Analyses, Fears and Hopes
John Paul II’s 25-year-long pontificate engraved many indelible recollections on one’s memory, which feed fears that undermine hope and cry out for analysis, a task that, of course, always has a personal quality.... continuar...

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