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  Number 285 | Abril 2005



Vortexes in All Three Vertexes Of the Triangle
It was an agitated month of whirlwinds in Nicaragua’s power triangle. The one at the PLC vertex spun around the issue of when Alemán would be released. At the FSLN’s, it had to do with where and how far Herty Lewites’ challenge would go. And at the ecclesiastical one, the death of Pope John Paul II coincided with Cardinal Obando’s departure as archbishop of Managua.... continuar...


NICARAGUA BRIEFS NEMAGON VICTIMS WIN A ROUND Dozens of impoverished peasant families, some of the men and women terminally ill from the direct and indirect effects of Nemagon and other pesticides... continuar...


Hawks, Missiles, Pressure, Reasons and Resistance
Why is Washington exerting such pressure on the Nicaraguan Army to destroy the Sam-7 surface-to-air missiles in its arsenal since the 1980s? National security? Regional security? Or is there more than just a hint of revenge, plus a desire to subordinate an army of Sandinista origins? Whatever the reasons, both pressure and resistance are on the rise.... continuar...


Herty Lewites’ Movement Has a Sandinista Heart
Commander of the Revolution Henry Ruiz—“Modesto” in the insurrectionary years—is actively supporting Lewites’ efforts to be the Sandinista presidential candidate. He explained this movement’s origins and shared his initial intuitions about it with envío.... continuar...


Survivors’ Words: A New Tool for Nicaragua
“Our heartache pours into one another like water from cup to cup...” Placing the power of the word at the disposal of a group of dignified women who have survived the tragedy and trauma of child sexual abuse can help these women begin their healing process.... continuar...


Democracy? Rule of Law?
The most recent report from the prestigious Myrna Mack Foundation, summed up in these pages, raises serious doubts about the state of democracy and the rule of law in Guatemala. It also analyzes the main issues that are creating further divisions in this already sharply divided society.... continuar...


CAFTA: A Disempowering Fetish
The parliaments of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have already approved the Central American Free Trade Agreement, and the Nicaraguan National Assembly is on the verge of doing so. What will come next, and what brought to this point?... continuar...


The Narrow Road to the Globalization of Solidarity
Jesus Christ said the road to life is narrow and few find it. Has that road been opening up or narrowing down in recent years? And what obstacles has it overcome? This article summarizes some of the main milestones along this difficult trek.... continuar...

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