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  Number 283 | Febrero 2005



A Free-Wheeling Tragicomedy
The public disorder that began in November lasted longer than usual, ceasing only when political life was reordered around a “tripartite dialogue,” and then only because all participants already had what they wanted. President Enrique Bolaños was assured he could finish out his term, Daniel Ortega more power and a good shot at the presidency, and Arnoldo Alemán that he would be released soon.... continuar...


BOLAÑOS ON THE ASIAN TSUNAMI: AN INSPIRING FUNDRAISER On January 10, while presenting his annual report to the National Assembly, President Bolaños referred to the tsunami in Asia with these... continuar...


Daniel Ortega's Fear Of the Winds He Sowed
The conflict between Managua’s outgoing mayor Herty Lewites, and the Sandinistas’ caudillo leader, former President Daniel Ortega, over which one will be the FSLN’s presidential candidate in 2006 has crudely exposed the party’s lack of democratic culture, at Nicaragua’s expense.... continuar...


Today's Political Crisis Is Good for Pushing Social Demands
Dora María Téllez, president of the Sandinista Renovation Movement, a 1995 split from the FSLN now allied with it in the National Convergence, analyzes the current political crisis and comments on some of its aspects, putting them in cultural perspective and offering some clues for understanding the crisis and taking it more in stride.... continuar...


Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants ...But No Migration Policies
They leave because they have no hope or expectations at home. And whether they’re en route, live abroad illegally, got residency status or just returned home, the government ignores them. They barely exist. They aren’t mentioned in presidential messages or national dialogues and only occasionally appear in public policies. The only thing that really counts is the money they send back, which is a key factor in sustaining the country nowadays.... continuar...


The Berger Government in Danger of Being Pulled Apart
Six runaway horses, driven by their own interests, are pulling the Guatemalan government in different directions. The government must acknowledge and restrain these horses, because they threaten to pull it apart.... continuar...


Disappointed with Electoral Democracy
Only a strong, broad-based grassroots movement can reverse the country’s political deterioration and people’s disappointment with its current neoliberal model and electoral democracy. The first signs of such a movement are already emerging.... continuar...


Women Envision Another Possible World
After many exchanges of drafts among women’s groups from some 60 countries. delegates of the World March of Women,a gathering that has been held since 2000, met in Kigali, Rwanda,on December 10, 2004, to adopt this document,. which they call the Women’s Global Charter for Humanity. The World March of Women will take this Charter from country to country starting on March 8, International Women’s Day. ... continuar...

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