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  Number 282 | Enero 2005



Year-end Fireworks in the Legal Country and the Real One
Constitutional reforms shifting power from the executive to the legislative. New institutions giving still more power to the legislative… or rather to Alemán and Ortega in a consolidation of their pact. Alemán back on his hacienda, a step on the way to definitive freedom. These were some of the fireworks the PLC and FSLN set off to ring out 2004.... continuar...


POLITICAL DIPS IN TISCAPA On December 1, as he had earlier promised, outgoing mayor of Managua Herty Lewites went for a dip in Laguna Tiscapa, a small crater lake in the center of the capital,... continuar...


Bureaucrats for Hire: The Profitable Consultancy Industry
Our country deserves an in-depth reflection on the growing development consultancy industry. The following effort is based on my observation, from both outside and inside, of the abundant fauna of consultants in today’s Nicaragua, though it probably wouldn’t be accepted as part of a consultancy study...... continuar...


A Year Full of Disappointments
The vacuous electoral campaign is disappointing, as is the repressive way that crime is being dealt with. The increasing activity of many “civil society” organizations is both disappointing and demobilizing. The only choice is to resist, because another Honduras is possible …even if at times it may not seem so.... continuar...

Costa Rica

La Carpio: Sensationalist Reporting and Clear Voices
Thousands of Nicaraguan poor live in La Carpio, Costa Rica, and all are fodder for sensationalist news stories in the national press. Is such reporting due to racism, class scorn or simple media superficiality? The book Voices of La Carpio reveals the damage such coverage produces, the pain it triggers.... continuar...


Clean Up Your Computer
CAFOD investigated electronics assembly plants in Mexico and China to learn first hand how they work and how their workers live. This text summarizes that important initiative, which concludes that our computers are very “dirty.”... continuar...


The US god, Bush's God, Nicaragua's God: How Do They Differ?
Was George W. Bush reelected due to religious motives? If so, does it mean that the US secular political culture is disappearing? And does the God of US voters resemble Nicaraguans’ God?... continuar...

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