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  Number 277 | Agosto 2004



The Way Out of the Labyrinth Is Long, but Possible
In Nicaragua’s labyrinth, all paths interconnect: the political, the economic, the social, the cultural and the religious. One finds a way out of one only to be trapped in another. There is an exit, but it’s not just around the corner.... continuar...


OF DRUGS AND MISSILES Despite constant news reports of international drug trafficking in Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, neither the military, police nor judicial authorities have been able to crack... continuar...


Transforming the Idea of God Is an Urgent Task in Nicaragua
In discussing the ideas presented in his book Del Estado Conquistador al Estado Nación—which analyzes Nicaraguan political development from the Spanish Conquest to the resent day—its author explains why Nicaragua urgently needs to articulate a new vision of God.... continuar...


Berger’s First Six Months: Just Putting Out Flames?
Six months into his term, President Berger said he has felt “much more like a fireman than a president.” To see what lies behind this confession, it’s worth looking at his first steps on several strategic issues: the army, corruption taxes, crime...... continuar...


Feminicide in Ciudad Juárez: A Multidimensional Challenge
Nearly 400 women have been killed in 11 years, just because they’re women. Who’s doing such a thing? It’s Mexico’s number one human rights problem, the most tragic expression of the collapse of the rule of law.... continuar...


New Grassroots Movements Starting to Emerge
As an extension of the Porto Alegre World Social Forum, a Social Forum of the Americas was held July 25-30, in Quito, Ecuador. Around 150 Central Americans were among the 11,000 participants from over 800 progressive civil society organizations in 55 countries. A number of them discussed their experiences with envío.... continuar...


What Was Signed Away in CAFTA Threatens Millions of Lives
A card circulating all over Central America shows a white pill mounted on a beautiful gold ring. The caption reads: “Medicine doesn’t have to be a luxury.” But that’s exactly what it could become once the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States comes into force. There is urgent need for reflection and action to keep public health services from becoming inaccessible to those who really need them.... continuar...

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